Can You Make Your Own Anal Douche?

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Anal douches can be great tools to help you feel extra clean before anal sex. Sometimes though, you get caught a little off guard. You might have suddenly arranged a meet, but not left enough time to pop to the store and pick up an anal douche. In this situation, you’ll probably be looking for other options to get your rectum squeaky clean.

The Water Bottle

Probably the most common homemade douche you’ll hear about, the simple water bottle is probably the most basic tool you could use. Simply fill the bottle with your chosen liquid, insert the nozzle, and squirt away.

When using a bottle, it’s important to leave the nozzle on, rather than screwing the tip directly into your anus. The ridges that form the screw part of the bottle can be quite sharp, and using them directly on the anus can be painful and possibly cut the skin.

Using a bottle as a one off here and there probably won’t cause you much trouble, but I’d avoid doing it long term. Plastic bottles can contain some toxic elements, which is why they aren’t recommended to be reused. If these bottles can have a negative effect on your insides from drinking water out of them, you can be pretty sure they can have a negative effect if you use them anally.

The Shower Hose

An easy option that you’ll always have handy, the shower hose can be a great douching tool in a pinch. You can remove the shower head and directly apply the hose to your anus, or leave the shower head on. Whichever method you choose, you shouldn’t be actually putting it inside your body, but resting the end of it on your anus. The force of the water will mean it can make its way into your rectum, as long as you are relaxed. Using a shower hose also avoids most of the clean up as it just washes away with the water.

If you decide to go this route, it’s important to take extra care. Water from your household pipes will rarely have totally consistent pressure, and the temperature can also vary. Too much pressure and you risk rupturing your rectum. Too much heat, and you’ll burn it. Take it very slow from the beginning and gradually build up the pressure to a level you are comfortable with. If you feel any pain then stop immediately.

Other Options

Unfortunately, there aren’t many other good options for homemade anal douches. If you can fashion some contraption made up of bags and tubes then it might suffice, but keeping it hygienic and leak proof will prove difficult. You are much better off picking up some quality douching equipment from a reputable manufacturer, and douching in a much safer way.

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