Glass butt plugs

Butt Plug Safety – Glass Butt Plugs

If you’ve ever worried about your glass butt plugs breaking or if they’ll cut you while you’re using them, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to go over glass butt plugs in a bit more depth, and hopefully allay any fears you might have around using them as glass is definitely one of the best materials you could possibly use for your plugs.

What goes into glass

The first thing we should probably talk about is exactly what your glass plugs are made of. If you’ve ever broken a glass, you might wonder why it can break so easily. This largely comes down the exact materials used in the making process. Glass used on things like buildings (especially tall ones) and car windows needs to be much, much tougher to withstand the forces constantly acting on them. Glass used in everyday objects, however, is much weaker and much more likely to break as it doesn’t have to withstand the same kind of punishment.

What does this have to do with butt plugs though? Well, essentially the main point is that the stronger the type of glass used to make your plug, the less likely it is to break. Now I’m not trying to scare you, it’s extremely unlikely that your butt plug is going to shatter while you’re wearing it (I won’t say impossible because you still need to take care of it). There are however a couple of types of glass you can look out for, as they tend to be a much better quality. These are Pyrex and borosilicate. Borosilicate is the most ideal as it can withstand much higher temperatures without shattering so you can safely plunge these into boiling water and get them nice and sterile between uses.

Pyrex is an interesting one as it’s a brand name rather than an actual type of glass. The manufacturer who makes the Pyrex kitchen products tend to use borosilicate glass in Europe, but in America, they use soda-lime glass which stands up to much less punishment. Now I know you came here to read about butt plugs but there’s a point to all this. A lot of plugs are advertised as Pyrex. While I’m pretty sure the kitchen manufacturer doesn’t make butt plugs, it’s reasonable enough that plug manufacturers do make glass the same way as Pyrex is made. As to which type you’ll get, borosilicate or soda-lime, it’s near impossible to say without proper testing, so you’ve basically just got to take the manufacturers word for it. If you want to know for sure you can contact them directly and ask them exactly what goes into their glass. This is important because boiling a soda-lime plug can quickly lead to it shattering.

How It’s made matters too!

It isn’t just the type of glass that you buy that dictates how strong it will be. There’s an important process that needs to be applied to glass products after the glass has been made called annealing. Annealing is the process of heating glass to a certain temperature to release any stresses from the surface. Usually, this is done in a kiln as the temperatures needed can be several hundred degrees Celsius! When glass is properly annealed, it should be much stronger. This doesn’t make it indestructible though! When cleaning your butt plugs you should try to make sure that the product can withstand boiling, as large and rapid temperature changes are one of the most common reasons for glass to shatter. If you have an annealed soda-lime plug, for example, you should probably start by using warm water to clean it and gradually build your way up to hot water to avoid a rapid change in temperature.

So, are glass plugs actually safe?

For the most part, yes. I have done extensive research myself and found no evidence of a butt plug shattering while someone is wearing it. There are two things that are most likely things to happen. One is that the stem will eventually snap as this is one of the smaller, more stressed areas of glass, and the more you use your plug, the more stressed this will become. The other is that gradual wear and tear will lead to cracks or chips in the surface of the plug. You should ALWAYS thoroughly check your plug over before and after use and if you notice any of these areas of damage the stop using it straight away and buy a new one. It’s definitely not worth scratching the insides of your rectum to save a bit of money!

A note on decorated butt plugs

Some glass will come in many different colors. Sometimes they will have decals and decorations on them to make them look pretty. While these CAN be harmless and make you love your products even more, it’s important to be extra vigilant here. Some manufacturers will not actually use colored glass. They can use lusters, sheens, or even metallic coatings to cover the clear glass in their chosen color. You DO NOT want these. They can be highly toxic and may start to wear off while you use your plug. If you want a colored glass butt plug, you want to be sure that it is actually colored glass. If while cleaning your plug you notice any of the color wearing off, dying the water, or flaking off, you need to stop using that plug. That same thing could be happening inside your body, and your rectum is adept at absorbing things.

Decorations also sometimes take the form of small appendages added onto the surface of the plug, things like flowers or hearts. For the most part, these should be fine if they have been properly melted into the glass. When looking at these parts of the plug if you can see any kind of seam or crack (like when something is glued together but the edges aren’t sealed), then this can be at risk of falling off or breaking.

Don’t be put off glass though!

I know I just bombarded you with a ton of information and dangers to glass butt plugs, but ultimately, they are still one of the best, strongest, and most hygienic materials to use in butt plugs. If you treat it with the same care we’ve advocated throughout our butt plug guides, and make sure you clean it thoroughly, you should have nothing short of a great time with your glass plug, so check out our range of glass plugs today!