Shower Enemas

Don't get too surprised. Loveplugs is not just all about butt plugs. In this store, we believe that anything that goes in and out of your anus deserves a spot in the list and even have their own collection. Sure, we always tempt and seduce everyone who decides to take a sneak peek at our anal sex toys, but at the end of the day, we still believe that your health and safety still matters. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to enjoy all of the joys and pleasures of anal stimulation and butt penetration. That's why we've decided to add in a few products that will make sure you keep enjoying those moments.

If you're familiar with enemas, then shower enemas shouldn't be strangers to you. They work just like a regular enema. Although instead of using a bag to fill the fluids, shower enemas can be directly connected to your shower and the water can come from the shower water supply itself. Another difference is that regular enemas are more on the convenience and reusable side because you can use it anywhere (although we highly suggest that you still use it in the shower), shower enemas can only be used in the shower because it has to be connected to the shower hose to supply the water. You don't have to worry about running out of water if you're the type of person who thinks that too much is still never enough. No more attempts in trying to refill a bag after you've run out and need more. With shower enemas, unlimited water supply awaits, so you have to feel bad in ruining the moment. Either way, both have their own pros and cons but they still work the same.

Because shower enemas are built and designed to cleanse and flush out unwanted feces and other matters in the rectum and colon, we made sure that the materials used for the nozzles and hose are safe for internal use. Our materials are considered harmless, free from potential rusting, phthalate-free, and definitely high-quality. You can choose from the different nozzle shapes and sizes to suit your preference. Some of our models have other nozzle attachments included so you can change and switch it up whenever you want. There are even other models in which you can control the intensity of the water pressure so you can sanitize and sterilize however you please.

Like anal douches, there are some controversies that cleaning your rectum on your own can impose health risks and long-term side effects. While all of those risks are true, it's also important to note that douching on your own (especially when done in moderation) can also be good for your internal system. Douching should never replace your body's natural way of sanitizing itself, and should only be used before attempting to do any type of anal penetration, like using our butt plugs. Take home one of our shower enemas and wash those worries away to a worry-free playtime.

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