Fox Tail Butt Plugs

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Foxes are counted amongst the most beautiful animals and are renowned for their cheeky, playful & energetic personality. These qualities resonate with many people - fortunately if you want to do more than day dream about these majestic creatures, fox tail butt plugs can make your dreams a reality.

Commonly known as cunning creatures, foxes are sly and mysterious. Although foxes can be tamed, and are even kept as domestic pets, owners of these beautiful creatures know they will always have a wild spirit. Wearing a fox tail plug proves that no matter how wild you are, you can still be tamed.

With fox tail butt plugs available in different shapes and sizes for people of any experience, the beautiful tails can be found in many different lengths and colors. Choose firm, thick steel for unrelenting pressure and optional temperature play or smooth, soft and flexible silicone - there are options to suit everyone.

With classic red fox tails or luscious arctic white, find the right tail to suit your own playful personality. The lengths of the tails can vary from 13 inches to as long as 33 inches!

Our high quality fox tail plugs are guaranteed to provide comfort and satisfaction. Try role playing as a fluffy foxy today.