Anal Massage - a Rub Down to Remember

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Whether you’re preparing for anal sex or you simply enjoy some hot anal sex play, a good anal massage is something you should try. Not only does it help loosen up the muscles for other types of anal activity, but many people find it so pleasurable that they go no further than this.

Furthermore, contrary to what many people believe, anal massages are sought after by people of all genders and sexual orientations, so it isn’t an activity just for a specific group of people to enjoy.

Anal Massage: What Is it?

The main purpose of an anal massage is to prepare your body for anal sex, but some people use it as foreplay for regular sex as well. Many people are surprised to learn that the anus is filled with a lot of nerve endings, so it can feel quite sensual getting massaged there.

Using your finger as a start is what most experts recommend, because it gives you the freedom to explore the entire anal area, while at the same time giving you control of what is going to happen next.

An anal massage starts with the right attitude. If your partner asks you to participate in this activity and you have no interest in it, it is best not to do so. All types of anal sexual activity require arousal, and this can only be accomplished when both partners have an interest in and desire for it.

In fact, emotional preparation is just as important as physical preparation when it comes to an anal massage, so you have to make sure the activity is really something you want to do.

When you start with your finger, you can go as deep as you wish to go, and if you start out by not going very deep, it can help you get better used to everything before you move onto the next step.

If the thought of placing your finger in your rectum makes you feel too messy, you can always put on a pair of gloves first. This gives you the flexibility you need to explore your anal area while at the same time keeping your fingers nice and clean.

An anal massage feels good and can even help people of both sexes reach orgasm. It is also a great way to prepare you for other types of anal sexual activity, including the use of butt plugs, sex toys, and of course, anal sex.

More than anything else, it stretches out the anal muscles so that using sex toys or having anal sex afterwards is much more comfortable for you.

Does an Anal Massage Feel Good?

If an anal massage didn’t feel good, people would’ve stopped doing it a long time ago. People who enjoy anal massages claim that it feels very sensual and erotic, and it gives them sensations they weren’t even aware existed.

Because anal sex activity is one of the last taboos in the bedroom, many people feel that anal massages are allowing them to participate in something once thought of as too risqué or even dirty in years past.

Feeling like a dirty boy or girl in the bedroom can increase the amount of pleasure you get from that sexual activity, and an anal massage is no different. Of course, all anal activity requires a lot of lube, especially if the lube is made specifically for anal sexual activity.

For an anal massage to feel good, you have to be prepared for it, and using a lot of lube is always the first step.

An anal massage consists of massaging the outside of the anus or using your finger to go into the rectum and massaging that area. If you stick with the outside area, you should still use lube, because it makes stroking and massaging the area a lot easier to do.

Besides, you never know when you might want to insert your finger during the activity, and the lube makes it easy to do this.

Both men and women enjoy anal massages, and men enjoy it because you can easily find and massage the prostate gland, which is an area that is similar to a woman’s G-spot. In fact, many men will reach orgasm if you rub and massage the prostate gland, especially if their genitals are being stimulated at the same time.

The important thing to remember is that there are no real rules when it comes to anal massages. All you have to do is stroke and rub the area and enjoy the sensation.

Anal Erogenous Zones: Where Should You Massage?

Because the anus is filled with nerve endings, having the area stroked and rubbed will produce sensations you are certain to enjoy. You can stroke and rub the outside area or internally as well, depending on what you are most comfortable with.

Start by putting a lot of lube on the tip of your finger and rubbing the area that you wish to stimulate. You can use one, two, or even three fingers, depending on how much stimulation you desire.

One of the most important tips when participating in an anal massage is to make sure you always have a lot of lube on your fingertips. If it starts to absorb into the skin or you feel the area getting a little dry, you should quickly reapply the lube so that the activity is easy and the fingers glide smoothly across the anal area.

Try rubbing around the anal area in circular motions, and you can use as much pressure as you like, even working up to more pressure once you get used to it.

If you decide to insert your finger into the anus, try not inserting it very deep at first. Explore the area completely, but a little at a time, going slowly until you get more used to how it is supposed to feel. Once you get used to everything, you can insert the finger even deeper and try exploring more of the internal area

Slow and steady is the way to start, however, because going too fast is likely to be painful and uncomfortable, especially at first.

Make sure if you’re the giver and a man is the receiver that you eventually get to the prostate gland, because this will feel amazing to him every time. Stroking and rubbing using the pressure that is most comfortable for the receiver will make him or her experience some mind-blowing anal activity and orgasms.

Anal sex and anal massage are meant to feel good, but if you’re new to this type of sexual activity, taking your time is the only way to make sure it feels that good every time you do it.

Hygiene for Anal Massage

Proper hygiene is crucial for any type of anal sexual activity, because the anal area is not really meant for sex. Fortunately, these hygiene tips are easy to follow and won’t cost you a lot of money. Still, it is important that the proper hygiene be followed both before and after any type of anal sex play.

Beforehand, you can start by simply going into the bathroom and emptying your bowels. This will make the anal activity a lot more comfortable from start to finish.

Next, you have to thoroughly clean the anal area, but you can do this with a simple bath or shower. If you want to feel extra clean, you can use a baby wipe afterwards. Some people also prefer to use an enema or anal douche before any type of anal sex activity, but this is not a requirement for great anal foreplay.

If you do decide to go that route, however, it is recommended that you use the enema or douche one to two hours before you get into bed. If you fear getting any type of sexually transmitted diseases, it is always best to use a condom.

Condoms are good not only to protect you from STIs and UTIs, but also to keep things a lot cleaner and less messy once you get started. This is why even couples in committed relationships choose to use condoms for any type of anal sex play, and why condoms are so valuable when participating in this activity.

After the sex act, you may experience some tenderness, tightness, or even pain, and if this happens, you can take a bath with Epsom salts so that the anal area is soothed and refreshed.

Even if there is no discomfort, you should still clean yourself off very well by bathing, showering, or wiping yourself with an alcohol-free baby wipe. The anal area must be thoroughly cleaned both before and after any type of anal sexual activity; otherwise, it can cause itching, irritation, or even an infection.

Do You Need Lube for an Anal Massage?

With any type of anal sexual activity, lots of lube is a must. The anal muscles can tear or even start to swell if a lot of lube isn’t used, causing the activity to be both painful and uncomfortable. Lube is also important because unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating and, therefore, needs a little assistance.

To start with and to help you decide on the perfect product, a good description of each type of lube is important.

Water-based lube is often preferred because it is absorbed very easily and isn’t messy or untidy, and it is easy to clean it off of clothing or bedsheets. The only challenge with water-based lube is that because it absorbs so quickly, it is likely you’ll have to reapply it at least once more during the sex act.

For this reason alone, many people who enjoy anal massages and anal sex choose a silicone-based lube instead.

Silicone-based lube is thicker than water-based lube and has a gel-like consistency. It doesn’t absorb as quickly as the water-based kind and therefore, you don’t have to reapply it as often.

However, because of its thickness, it is sometimes very difficult to clean off of bedsheets or pajamas, but the remedy for this is simply to use towels whenever you can so that the lube gets on the towels and not on anything else.

There are also oil-based lubes and even hybrid lubes, but these tend to not be very popular with most couples.

Most couples use either water- or silicone-based lube and find it works very well. If you’re using a butt plug or sex toy for your anal massage, you’ll have to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the package and use the type of lube they recommend for the product.

As long as you’re using plenty of lube, your next anal massage should work out great. The type of lube you use is really up to you, as they all have pros and cons that you need to consider before you make your decision.

Fortunately, if you feel in any way uncomfortable with the first type of lube that you try, it is always easy to try another type until you find the one that is right for you.

Anal Massage Techniques

There are many different techniques for enjoying an anal massage, including stroking and even making circular motions around the anus. You can stroke up or down, make large or small circles around the anus, or simply rub the entire area a little at a time until you get the sensation that you want.

Remember, there are a lot of nerve endings around the anal area, so getting the stimulation you desire shouldn’t be difficult.

You should also consider starting with a general massage that includes the buttocks, thighs, and even the lower back area before you get to the anus. This helps prepare the receiver both psychologically and physically for any type of anal sexual activity that you have planned.

Massage with a good firm touch without applying too much pressure, and once you get to the anal area, start with a light massage and work up to a firmer one.

Again, you can choose to massage just the exterior of the butthole or insert a finger into the anus, but either way, you and your partner can decide on the right type and number of strokes or massages you want.

At any time during the massage, if you feel extreme pain – especially if the pain is sharp – you should stop what you’re doing because this usually means that something has gone wrong.

To make the anal massage more comfortable for both partners, you can use gloves or fingertip coverings, called finger cots, for all of the activity. If you choose to give your partner an anal massage using a butt plug or even a sex toy, make sure you start with your finger first and work up to bigger items so that the massage is not painful or uncomfortable.

Both partners should also be able to communicate with one another throughout the sex act, because this is the best way to make sure that everything going on is acceptable to both of you.

An anal massage should always start slow and work up to more intense pressure, and the techniques you use can consist of any type you like. In fact, if you continue with this type of activity, it will not be long before you and your partner will be making up your own techniques for anal massage and sex.

Is an Anal Massage Safe?

If you follow all of the rules and precautions, anal massages and sex is very safe. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you choose to participate in an anal massage.

For instance, you should remember to be very careful when going from anal to vaginal activity, because it is easy for the semen to get into the vaginal area this way, meaning you have to be concerned about pregnancy.

Second, you have to prepare both physically and emotionally for anal massage, and this means not going very fast or you might suffer with tears in the anal area.

There are also products that can help you if this is your first time for any type of anal activity, including sprays that help relax the nerves so that the massage or other sex play is a lot more comfortable.

The receiver of an anal massage has to be prepared for the activity, and fortunately the giver has a lot of tools at his or her disposal that can help make this act a lot easier to do. If you do it right, anal massages and anal sex aren’t uncomfortable or painful, and they are just as safe as any other type of sexual activity.

Of course, anal massages absolutely require that you use a lot of lube, not just for comfort, but also to protect the sensitive anal muscles from becoming overworked or irritated because of the activity.

If any type of anal sexual activity is too rough or tried without being prepared for it, you can actually damage the anal area in more ways than one. If you are gentle and start slow, you should have no problems keeping your anal sexual activities in the bedroom safe and fun.

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