White Wolf Plug 16"
White Wolf Plug 16"
White Wolf Plug 16"
White Wolf Plug 16"
White Wolf Plug 16"
White Wolf Plug 16"

White Wolf Plug 16"

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White wolves are enchanting and beautiful. They have thick, white fur, which makes these creatures captivating. For this reason, they only live in the coldest parts of the world... but why should you look for these creatures when you can turn yourself or your partner into a white fox during your sexy role play?

All you have to do is get this 16" White Fox Tail Metal Plug. This tool can set your inner beast free and make you the queen of ice! The tail plug is made of high-grade metal that gives a cooling sensation to the user's booty once it is inserted. This feeling enhances your libido, making you ask for more action in bed from your owner.

Moreover, this material is durable, making the sex toy last longer. With this plug, you can save up more money since you can use the toy for years. That's not all — our White Fox Tail Metal Plug is safe to use. It has an ergonomic shape that provides easy insertion and retrieval. The smooth, narrow end of the toy offers a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Meanwhile, the flat, round base protects your tushie from any anal sex mishap. It keeps the plug in place and prevents it from going deeper into your ass as you move. Hence, you can walk (or should we say crawl) like a true-blue arctic fox with no fear of accidents.

As for the white foxtail, this accessory is made of high-quality fur. The tail is soft and hypoallergenic which reduces the risk of skin irritation as it brushes against your legs while you crawl towards your master.

So if you are looking for a new plug that you can use for your pet play, then you should get our 16" White Fox Metal Plug! We guarantee you that it will make you feel like royalty as you unleash the beast in you.

Material Stainless Steel, Synthetic Fur
Colour White
Tail Length 40.6cm/16"
Weight 71.4g













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