Two Balls Stainless Steel Anal Hook

Two Balls Stainless Steel Anal Hook

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  • Easy to clean
  • Made of high-quality body safe premium metal material

Two is always better than one, which is why this anal hook comes with two balls to enhance the experience. It is designed for more intense pleasurable sensations in your BDSM bondage play or anal adventures. If you want to take your roleplay to greater heights, then definitely introduce an anal hook into your game.

The anal hook provides an exciting ingredient to your BDSM party or when you simply want to have a more intimate time with your partner. It is considered as one of the best torture or roleplay slavery devices to have in your sex toy collection. This interesting anal hook is made of high-quality, durable, and safe-to-use stainless-steel material. It is also easy to clean after use. This is a sex toy for both partners and should, therefore, be hygienically maintained.

This interesting anal hook has a smooth design without rough or dangerously sharp edges. It is a safe, reliable anal hook that you can use without fears of injury to you or your partner. The hook is versatile, too. You can hook it up with your favorite bondage equipment to give you 5-inches of insertable length. The ring has a diameter of 1.5 inches that can be used to connect a rope for your bondage play.

It is an easy-to-clean anal hook, too. It doesn’t require any complicated cleaning procedures. You just need a small amount of water, soap, and a dry piece of clean cloth to clean this anal hook.

The smooth, long stainless steel butt anal hook is to give you pleasure and great sexual moments for a long time. It is extremely durable thanks to its stainless steel design. Another reason to consider this impressive anal hook is that it is a fitting gift for your partner.

Product Details:

Type: Anal Hook 
Color: Silver
Plug Material: Premium Stainless Steel


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