Purple Petplay Leash Collar
Purple Petplay Leash Collar
Purple Petplay Leash Collar
Purple Petplay Leash Collar
Purple Petplay Leash Collar
Purple Petplay Leash Collar

Purple Petplay Leash Collar

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Want to submit yourself and be a good pet? Maybe you'd like to be in control in bed? Whether you wish to lead or be led, this collar will let you play the role you want to partake in your relationship! A product made of synthetic leather and metal, this bondage set ensures safe and fun erotic scenes. The collar is lined with foam, providing optimum comfort for the wearer. Its fit is fully adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen it when needed. Then, there's the leash. This chain provides you and your partner more room to play, enabling you to do all kinds of steamy fetish games.

This collar-with-leash set is made for all types of subs—be it a pet, a slave, a bottom, or a little girl/boy. It's also perfect for those who enjoy powerplay or want to be in total control of their partners. And since its design is pretty straightforward, this bondage tool is a perfect way to kickstart your bondage and discipline play.

Ready to kick off your erotic game? Make sure that the sub is comfortable first before you put the collar on. Also, make sure that it's not too tight around the neck as it may lead to choking. Yes, strangling a sub is kinky and all—but when doing a kinky scene like this, safety is always a priority. So, don't forget to establish a safe word or a gesture first before engaging in this naughty game or any BDSM play, for that matter.

Furthermore, make sure that these tools are clean at all times. Yes, these are skin-friendly, but they can accumulate sweat and dirt, which can irritate your skin.

Be an obedient pet—or an assertive Master or Mistress—with this collar. Hit that "Add to Cart" button now!


Collar: Synthetic Leather

Leash: Metal + Synthetic Leather

Colour Purple

Collar - 44cm/17.32"

Loop - 15.5cm/16"

Chain- 105cm/41.34"

Width Collar - 5.5cm/2.17"

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