Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage
Small Resin Chastity Cage

Small Resin Chastity Cage

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Practising celibacy? Maybe your partner wants to try chastity play? Whatever reason you may have, this chastity cage is your answer to your needs. This cock cage is so strong and will give you unfamiliar sensations once you put it on. Its durable locking mechanism will make it hard to escape unless you have the key with you!

A chastity device made of bio-sourced resin, this cock cage will slightly soften upon contact with heat. For this reason, this device is a perfect tool to jump-start your chastity play.

That's not all, for this chastity device for men can be a great teasing and bondage tool. Once it's on, you won't achieve your full potential as it holds your erection. Moreover, you won't be able to touch yourself, even if you want to, as it keeps your naughty hands off your precious family jewel. The only time you can do these things is when your assertive partner decides to set you free.

The cock cage comes with four rings in varying sizes. These rings aren't just for giving support to the device. They can also help improve your performance as these c-rings can hold your explosive yet sweet release. Once they're around your balls, they will prevent cum flow, resulting in improving your endurance and stamina.

To put this cage on your cock, you need to make sure that your manhood is in a flaccid state for easy wear. Slip your dick into the chastity device, then your scrotum into the ring, and lock it in place.

The tool isn't just for spicing up your sex life; you can wear it outdoors. Nobody will notice what you're hiding inside your pants unless you take them off in the toilet.

Lock your cock up with this cock cage. Get one now!

Material Biobased Resin
Colour Pink










Ring Diameters





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