Beginner Purple Silicone Plug with Anchor Base

Beginner Purple Silicone Plug with Anchor Base

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If there’s a perfect pick for a beginner, this is it—the Beginner Purple Silicone Anal Plug. Shaped like the ace of spades, this butt plug is the perfect anal play starter. Smooth silicone is just flexible enough to be comfortable while the tapered tip is perfect for easy insertion. You don’t have to worry that this butt plug will get lost in there since it has a handy wide anchor-shaped base. What’s more, it has an ideal dimension of 2.36in x 1.53 which is great for a first-timer’s anal stretch.

Make your first anal play memorable and pleasurable by following a few basic guidelines. First, keep your toy hygienic and your butt clean. It’s advisable to use the toilet before getting into the deed. Next, use a generous amount of lube since friction is not welcome in this type of play. Keep it slippery, that’s the way it should be. As this sex toy is made of silicone, do not pair it up with a silicone-based lubricant. Use water-soluble or oil-based instead.

Getting turned is key to make the entry titillating. You can do this even when you’re alone by toying or teasing your bum while raunchy music is played in the background. You can do it with a partner if you so desire. Lastly, insertion should be done carefully and slowly as thrusting could injure an unstretched bum.

Once it has made its way in, savor the sensations and the titillating stimulations. Leave it there and let your hands explore your body or your partner’s. Here’s a tip: Oral sex is phenomenal when a bum is stuffed with a plug. Let’s hope your partner is as kinky and dirty as (s)he can be. After all, sex is supposed to be that way.

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Color Purple
Type Silicone Butt Plug
Material Silicone


handle: N/A
plug: 2.36in.


handle: N/A
plug: 1.53 in.


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