Working That Ass

Here at Loveplugs, we know that privacy is very important to our customers. Our products are quite intimate after all, and you probably don’t want everyone knowing exactly what you get up to in your spare time. The Loveplugs Privacy Promise means that from the moment you place your order, the only people who will know about it are you and us. It’ll be our little secret!

Discreet Shipping

The first half of our Privacy Promise is our discreet shipping policy. We make sure that all packages we send to our customers have no indication of what’s inside.

Orders will be sent in plain white packaging, displaying only your name and address. This is shown in the image below:

There will be no Loveplugs branding or any description of the contents on the packaging. For larger orders, cardboard boxes may be used, but these will also be just as discreet.

Each package will simply display your name and address, and until you open it, the contents will be completely concealed to anyone else. You could even order to your workplace without your colleagues being any wiser!

Discreet Payments

The second half of our Privacy Promise is our discreet payment policy. As it’s common to need to show your bank statements to various people for different reasons, we know it can be a little awkward for them to see exactly what your purchases are.

All payments made to Loveplugs will be shown on your bank statement as the corporate name operates under.

This means nobody will know what you’ve been buying unless you tell them!

Shipping Times

For standard orders that are currently in stock, shipping from Loveplugs usually takes 2-3 working days.*

Orders are shipped the same business day if placed within normal business hours. Any other orders will be shipped the next business day.

International Shipping

While based in the USA, Loveplugs operates worldwide, and we are happy to export any of our products around the globe.

There are also strict laws governing the import and sale of sex toys in some countries.

Please ensure that you are legally allowed to import sex toys into your country before placing any orders with us.

Loveplugs does not accept responsibility for any orders made which cannot be fulfilled due to legal reasons. If you have any issues regarding this, please contact us, or your local government who will be able to advise you further.

*In the event your chosen product is out of stock, we will need to ship to you direct from our warehouse, which usually takes 7-14 working days.