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Types of Butt Plugs

Browsing the massive range of butt plugs available it can be very difficult to make any decisions! There are different materials, shapes, designs, and even different bases.

Choosing the right plug can be a daunting task, and getting it wrong can leave you with one you don’t even use. So let’s break down all the different kinds of plug and help you figure out which one you really want.

Classic Butt Plugs

Most people will have already seen a butt plug, so you should be able to form a mental image of what they look like. The image most people see is of a classic butt plug.

Often just known as butt plugs, these are the most basic designs you’ll find.

The majority of these will be between three and five inches long, and are simply smooth, plain plugs.

Classic butt plugs come in a wide variety of materials, and sometimes even different colours!

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Tail Butt Plugs

A slight variant on the classic plug are ones that come with tails. The plug itself remains basically the same, but attached to the base is a tail designed to look like an animal.

While the majority of these plugs are very similar in design, the tails themselves can be very varied. Colours may be natural to match the chosen animal, or completely random and fun. You can also choose from a wide range of animals including: Foxes, Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Ponies, Bunnies, Wolves, And many more...

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Jewelled and Princess Butt Plugs

Both jewelled and princess butt plugs are the last type which are very similar to classic plugs. These are the same simple, smooth shape, but feature jewels inset into their base.

These jewels can be greatly varied, coming in a large selection of colours and even different shapes. Some jewelled plugs even have many smaller jewels in a pattern which look fantastic!

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Expanding Butt Plugs

An expanding butt plug is the first on our list which looks visibly different. Rather than a solid bulb shape, these often look like they have arms. Some even think they look like a small flower.

Each of these arms are soft and flexible, letting you push them together to create the typical bulb. This lets you get the expanding plug in. Once inside your body though, the arms are free to spread out once again.

The stimulation you get from expanding butt plugs can be completely different to other types, as they touch and rub against areas of your butt that normal plugs don’t. They are also a good option for someone who wants to feel more filled up, but struggle to insert larger plugs.

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Hollow and Tunnel Butt Plugs

One of the more unusual types of butt plugs are hollow or tunnel plugs. These are quite similar to normal plugs, but have one key difference. The centre of the plug is hollow the entire way up.

Using a hollow plug means that you can also use other sex toys at the same time, in particular vibrators. Simply put them inside the hollow part of the plug and enjoy the vibrations. They also allow you to see the gape that the plug produces in your butt, which can be a real turn on for some.

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Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable butt plugs are simple exactly what they sound like; inflatable! They come with a long tube attached to the base. On the tube there is a pump, which you use to put air into the plug, and a valve, which lets you take air back out.

Wearing an inflatable plug can give you some of the most intense stretching feelings and make you feel more full than any other kind of plug. As they inflate, they can gently press against your nerves, and match the shape of your body which fills you up in every area.

They are also great for people who enjoy big butt plugs, but struggle getting them in. When not inflated, these plugs are quite small, but grow much larger once you start pumping air in.

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Vibrating Butt Plugs

The first butt plug on our list with electrical parts, a vibrating butt plug takes the best part of a vibrator, and adds it to the plug. Most will come with a set of different vibration patterns, letting you change up the stimulation you get from your plug.

A lot of vibrating plugs also come with a remote control, to let you change the pattern while you wear it.

As there are electrical parts, it’s important that these plugs remain completely watertight. Any lube, moisture or even bodily fluids that find their way inside can damage the plug.

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Beginner Butt Plugs

While many people will start with a simple, classic butt plug, even these can be intimidating to a complete anal novice. These people will usually turn to beginner butt plugs, which are suitably designed for someone completely new to anal play.

Design wise these are basically the same as classic butt plugs, although some will carry a longer stem. The stem is the part of the plug your sphincters hold onto, so having a longer one gives your butt more to hold onto and can make it easier to hold the plug in.

These plugs are also typically shorter and thinner, to make getting them into your body easier.

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Extra Large Butt Plugs

On the opposite end of the scale, extra-large butt plugs are designed for the true anal pros. These are some of the biggest plugs on offer, letting you stretch your butt right to its limits.

Extra-large plugs can be very long, very wide, or both. Which you choose will depend on what kind of feeling you want from wearing it. Longer ones can stimulate much deeper, while wider ones can stretch your muscles much more.

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Anal Training Kits

For people who aren’t completely sure which size butt plug they’ll need, an anal training kit is a good option. These are sets of usually four butt plugs, which get larger and larger in size. You can experiment with the different sizes to find the one that fits your body best.

Another great benefit to an anal training kit, is it can help you practise taking larger and larger objects in your anus.

Usually by moving from the first to second, and sometimes even third size plug, you can warm your sphincters up and make anal sex much more comfortable.

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USB Butt Plugs

Perhaps one of the most unusual kinds of butt plug available, a USB plug is one which actually contains a USB stick inside it. The port will be found on the base, so you can plug it directly into your PC, and then when you want to keep your data safe you can put it back inside your body!

These plugs came about after their inventor was talking to some strippers about what kinds of things their butt plugs could do. While it may have originally been a joke, these plugs now exist and are available for you to buy today.

Wireless Butt Plugs

Wireless butt plugs are a variation of vibrating plugs. These all come with a remote control, or are powered by a phone app. The point of this is that you can hand control of your plug to another person.

Not knowing when you will be feeling vibrations can be very exciting, so these are a favourite among kinky couples. They can even be great for long-distance relationships, as some can be operated over the internet. No matter how far apart you are, you can still give each other the same sexual pleasure!

Electroshock Butt Plugs

Electroshock butt plugs are probably the most extreme option on the market. These can come in a variety of different shapes, and all will come with a set of wires attached. The wires are plugged into a power box, or socket in your house, and allow the plug to give you small electrical shocks while you wear it.

For some this kind of butt plug is enjoyable because the shocks provide small amounts of pain, heightening the pleasure you feel. Others find the shocks pleasurable on their own, giving them a completely new kind of stimulation.

Luxury Butt Plugs

For the connoisseurs among you, there are even high-end, luxury butt plugs available. Just like the famous diamond encrusted vibrator bought by David Beckham, these plugs are made of some seriously pricey materials.

Gold, silver, and even diamond plugs can be found. These aren’t without their expected price tag though, and some of the most expensive luxury plugs can cost several thousand dollars!

Rimming Butt Plugs

Rimming plugs are a variation on vibrating models. The key difference though is how they vibrate. Unlike a normal motor, a rimming plug contains sets of beads which rotate around the inside of the plug in a particular pattern.

What difference do beads make? Well many people think that the rotations of these beads can make it feel like someone is using their tongue on you, hence their name!

Character Butt Plugs

A character butt plug is one which is made to look like a person or character rather than a simple smooth plug. There are many different kinds out there, from famous cartoon characters to some of the most famous world leaders!

While these plugs are probably designed to be a jokey present, some people still use them. Thanks to their unusual shapes, they can provide stimulation in a different way to other kinds of plugs, which can make them very enjoyable to wear.

Fidget Spinner Butt Plugs

Even more strange are fidget spinner butt plugs. These are, exactly as their name would suggest, butt plugs with fidget spinners attached to their bases.

If you feel like you need something to keep your hands busy while you enjoy yourself, or simply want to save on the space of having a butt plug and a fidget spinner, then these might be just for you.

Anal Beads

Moving away from “pure” butt plugs, there are a few different variations on the theme. The first of these are anal beads.

Rather than simply featuring a single bulb which sits inside your body, anal beads have a series of small balls along the length of them. You can insert each ball one at a time, and often they will move from smaller to larger, or larger to smaller.

The main reason anal beads are so enjoyable, is they way they stretch your sphincter. A normal butt plug will open them further and further until the whole plug is in, then close up again. Anal beads open the sphincter a smaller amount, then let it close up between each bead.

This creates a “popping” sensation which can feel extremely nice.

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Prostate Massagers

Another butt plug fork is the prostate massager. These are butt plugs designed completely with men’s pleasure in mind, and are usually curved. This allows them to perfectly hit a man’s prostate.

Stimulating this sensitive gland can drive men wild, and give them some of the most enjoyable orgasms they’ll ever have. Some massagers even vibrate, taking the stimulation up to the max!

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Butt Plug Harnesses/Belts

Butt plug harnesses are very similar to strap on harnesses. They wrap around and between your legs, sitting very close to your anus. Rather than attaching a strapon to the outside of the harness though, you strap a butt plug to the inside.

Some harnesses will come with butt plugs attached already, while others will let you put in your own plug. Once you put the harness on, the plug is kept firmly inside your body. This can make wearing your plug outside or for a long period of time much easier.

Butt Plugs with Cock Rings

At the very end of the list, we have butt plugs with cock rings. These can come in basically any other style, but they key point is that a small arm comes out of the base, and leads to a cock ring.

While wearing your plug, you also wear the cock ring, doubling your pleasure!


With the designs out of the way, the next thing we need to talk about is materials. Unlike the different designs available, not all materials are good. Some are better than others, and some should be downright avoided.


Probably the most common material for almost every kind of sex toy, silicone is a familiar sight in any store. This polymer is used for many things throughout our lives, but is also a great sex toy material.

The largest benefit to silicone is its softness. Wearing it can feel much nicer than many other materials, and help you to enjoy your plug that much more!

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Another common material is metal. Most of the metal butt plugs you find will be made of stainless steel, although occasionally other metals are used.

These plugs are tough, and are unlikely to be damaged even if you frequently drop them. When made properly, they are also very smooth, so can feel fantastic as they enter your body.

One downside though is that metal often retains temperature very well, which can mean that your plug will be quite cold when you start to use it, but gradually warm up inside your body.

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Glass is often viewed as either a high-end material, or something dangerous to put into your body. In fact, it’s neither! Glass is one of the most commonly used materials in sex toys, and thanks to the way manufacturers make it, it’s extremely strong and unlikely to break.

Glass is see-through, and can also be tinted with a variety of colours, so they are some of the nicest looking plugs available. Like metal, glass is very hard and firm, and often will feel cold until your body warms up the plug.

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Hard Plastic

Hard plastic is a material starting to disappear from the sex toy market, and for good reason. While it is very cheap, these kinds of plugs tend not to last very long. They can often come with moulding lines which can feel sharp and pointy inside your body, and depending on the plastic can even be toxic.

While some hard plastic butt plugs may still be available, we don’t recommend using them. Spending a little more for a better material will make your butt plug experience much more enjoyable.


This section actually has three different materials, but they’re fairly similar, so we’ll cover them together. Thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic rubbers and cyberskin are all newer materials. Each is made from a combination of polymers, usually rubber and plastic, to create a new mix of material.

All of these materials, and in particular cyberskin, are some of the softest and most flesh-like feeling materials you can make butt plugs from. This makes them a favourite among many simply because of how nice they feel.

Unfortunately though, these materials are much harder to keep clean, and bacteria can even find its way inside the surface of the plug. They are also much more likely to become damaged, meaning that you have to be extra careful when using and cleaning them.

Jelly and Jelly Rubber

Our last materials are jelly and jelly rubber. Both of these come from the older days of sex toys, and were commonly used in making butt plugs. Each is extremely soft and sometimes even floppy, making them easy to insert and comfortable to use.

Thankfully, jelly is rarely used in sex toys these days thanks to the fantastic work of many retailers during the 90s. These materials have toxic ingredients, which can easily break down inside your body and cause harm. Some even degraded before they reached stores, turning into a sticky, gooey mess!

We always recommend avoiding jelly plugs wherever possible.

Phthalates and Toxic Plugs

You might have noticed that we’ve mentioned a couple of materials used in butt plugs which are on the decline. There’s a good reason for this! These materials usually contain phthalates.

These chemicals are commonly used in many different products we see all the time, such as carrier bags, or plastic bottles. With a small amount of exposure, phthalates are harmless, but the more you are exposed to them, the more dangerous they become.

High exposure to phthalates has even been linked to cancer.

Many hard plastic and jelly butt plugs used phthalates as an ingredient, thanks to its ability to soften plastic which makes it more flexible and harder to break. While these are ideal qualities in a butt plug, it was often found that the materials could break down inside your body, exposing you to these phthalates through the very thin and sensitive anal lining.

While there’s no clear rules on how much phthalate exposure is safe, it’s generally better to avoid them altogether, so most manufacturers now produce butt plugs that are completely phthalate free. We also still advise that you should avoid jelly and hard plastic butt plugs if you still see them on the market today.

Porous and Non-Porous Materials

An important point we haven’t discussed yet is the porosity of the materials. This can sound complicated, but it’s actually really simple.

Porous materials are those which have pores (small holes) large enough for things to pass through. Heavily porous materials can even let liquids through, just like sponges. With butt plugs, we’re only interested in whether or not bacteria and germs can get through the material.

Due to this, each butt plug material is usually classed as porous (does allow some bacteria through), or non-porous (lets no bacteria through).

The problem with porous materials is that once the bacteria manages to enter the pores and get inside the surface of the plug, you can’t reliably get it back out again. No matter how much you clean your plug, there will always be some leftovers inside the material.

This means that you should always try to purchase a non-porous butt plug where possible. Non-porous materials include silicone, glass, and metal.

Choosing a Butt Plug

Seeing the extraordinary range of choices available to you can make deciding which butt plug you want to buy a very difficult task. Which one suits you the most?

In the final section of this guide, we’re going to go through a few different situations and discuss which plugs are most suitable for these kinds of people.

Best Butt Plugs For Beginners:

As a new user, there are a few choices that can make your first plug experiences much smoother and more enjoyable.

Generally you should stick to simpler plugs, such as classic or jewelled variants. It’s also advised that you go for smaller butt plugs, with longer stems. This makes it easier to insert them into your body, and keep them inside.

For materials, usually you should try and stick to silicone. This is a bit softer and more comfortable to wear, which helps reduce some of the “weird” feeling you’ll have when you first start using plugs.

Best Butt Plugs For Couples:

Butt plugs don’t just have to be a solo toy! Many couples enjoy sharing their experience with each other. Either one, or both of you can wear one at the same time!

While any butt plug will be good enough for couple’s play, some have some clear advantages. Vibrating and wireless butt plugs can leave you at the mercy of your partner holding the remote. Or you can both wear one and tease each other by swapping controls!

If you want to take your stimulation to the extreme, an electroshock butt plug is sure to suffice. Being able to give small shocks to your partner can really turn up the heat, and depending on your relationship you might enjoy using this in a kinkier way by incorporating elements of BDSM into your bedroom.

Finally, using a hollow butt plug will mean your partner can look straight through and into your body, a real turn on for some people!

Best Butt Plugs For Anal Stretching:

When big just isn’t big enough, you’ll be looking for ways to further stretch your anus to hold larger and larger plugs. Once again, some types of plug will be able to help you much, much more with this mission.

Depending on your experience level, you’ll probably want to get started with an anal training kit. This gives you multiple different sizes to work your way through. Many people won’t need more than this, as the largest plug will give them all the stretch they desire. Sometimes though, you’ll want more, and will need to turn to a different kind of plug.

To take your stretch to the next level, there is obviously any extra-large plug to choose from. Often these will be difficult to get into your body though, thanks to their incredible girth. To make things easier, you can try an inflatable or expanding plug instead.

These will be much easier to put inside your butt, as they are not too different in size to other kinds of butt plug. Once inside though, you can let them expand or inflate them, increasing the stretch you’ll feel.

Best Butt Plugs For Men:

Thanks to the prostate gland, men who use butt plugs are in for a real treat! This is why we always recommend a prostate massager to any men interested in plugs.

Anal play for men is all about stimulating the prostate, as it provides some of the most intense and enjoyable feelings possible. Thanks to their curved design, a prostate massager hits this gland perfectly, and can really give you an experience you aren’t going to forget.

Best Butt Plugs For Women:

Women are kind of lucky when it comes to choosing a plug. Basically anything goes! There aren’t really any specific plugs which provide women with more or less pleasure. Instead it’s much more about personal preference.

Generally though, women will tend to enjoy vibrating plugs. The vibrations can gently stimulate both the vagina and clitoris, which for some women is essential in order to reach orgasm.

Many women also prefer tail, jewelled, or princess plugs, thanks to the gorgeous designs available!

Pick Up A Plug Today!

Hopefully by now, you’ve got a much clearer idea about the different kinds of butt plugs, and which will be right for you!

When you’re ready, head on over to our store and pick one up today.

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