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Cows don’t tend to be thought of as the sexiest animal out there. They’re large, cumbersome, and sometimes come across as a little dull. For pet players though, enjoyment can be drawn from almost any kind of animal, so naturally, there are those out there who enjoy playing as a cow or other livestock animal.

Traits of Cow/Livestock Play

As an animal typically kept and cared for on a farm, a cow player will be treated in a similar way. Breasts will often be referred to as udders. If one owner looks after multiple cows, they will be referred to as a farmer. In some cases, they will even be used for breeding, with a male cow or bull being used for the process.

Perhaps most importantly, cows will be played as for the ability to lactate. This can be quite sexual, and sometimes develop into a fetish of its own called lactophilia. While erotic milking isn’t often done during petplay, it is an option. When being milked, cow players will often be penned together, as would real cows.

At its most extreme, there is even option for the full farm experience. If you are able to find a suitable community, there may be livestock shows, or even trading. It should be agreed upon beforehand if this is an option, as someone may not be willing to be traded to a new owner.

Cow Play Accessories

With livestock animals, the types of accessories available will be a little more limited. This is partly due to the unusual nature of the fetish, but also because livestock typically don’t need a lot of things. They basically just stand or sit in a field.

Nevertheless, there are still a few things which can be useful. Tail butt plugs naturally fit the fetish, provided you can find a tail in the appropriate style. Collars are still appropriate, and can be fitted with a cowbell for authenticity. Restraints to restrict movement are also still useful, such as arm and leg bondage, or bondage boots. These can also be styled to have hooves just as a cow would.

Due to the nature of lactation, some kind of milking instruments may be used. These could be traditional human devices, or may be the kind used actually on cows. If going to this extreme you should do your research beforehand, as some devices may be harmful to use on humans.

Livestock themed petplay definitely isn’t one of the most common forms you’ll find. It’s no less valid than any other type though! If it seems like something you’d be interested in, give it a try! You might just find a new favourite.

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