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Anal Masturbation: A Guide

Anal play in the bedroom is more popular than ever and if you’re interested in this type of sexual activity, the best way to start is with a little anal masturbation. After all, you have to know what you like before you can let your partner know what you like and exploring this part of yourself is the best way to do just that.

Anal Masturbation: Should You Try it?

If you’re curious about or interested in any type of sexual activity regarding the anal area, it’s best not to just jump right into it without a little preparation first.

After all, the anus is very tight when it hasn’t experienced this type of activity so the first thing that you want to do is loosen it up a little bit. Whether you’re interested in anal sex or just masturbation, the anus has to be loosened up a bit for it to be enjoyable.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to do this and if you start with a little self-exploration, you will have control over how good it feels because you can stop any time that you like.

Contrary to what many people believe, the anal and rectum area have a lot of nerve endings in them so masturbation of that area can feel quite good.

Best of all, since you are in control completely, you can use your fingers, a butt plug, or even a sex toy once you get used to it, which means that you can go at your own pace every time that you play.

It is always a good idea to masturbate anally first when you’re interested in other types of anal sex play because it can help prepare you both physically and mentally for all types of anal activities. Furthermore, if you change your mind and choose not to explore anal sex, anal masturbation is still going to feel good!

How Does Anal Masturbation Feel?

People of all sexual orientations and genders enjoy anal masturbation, in part because it is the “last taboo” for some people.

Most people are surprised by how good it feels after they’ve loosened the anal sphincter up some and because you can easily explore a fairly large internal area with your fingers or a toy, most first-time anal masturbators find the act much more pleasurable than they thought it would be.

Most people describe the feeling as very sensual. Again, you are in control of everything that you’re doing so you can start out slowly and just barely place your finger inside of the anus, then insert it deeper once you get looser and more used to this type of activity.

Anal masturbation usually provides you with a “full” feeling that most people love and because you can make your finger or toy go anywhere you want it to go after it’s inserted, you can experiment until it provides you with the extraordinary feeling that you were hoping for.

You may also be surprised by how deeply you can thrust your fingers into the anus.

Although you may not be able to penetrate the anus as deeply as you can the vagina at first, it is deeper than most people are aware of, which leaves you with a very erotic and sexy feeling that you get from few other sexual activities.

It does take a little getting used to but most people who enjoy anal masturbation find that they get used to it a lot more quickly than they thought they would.

Does Anal Masturbation Hurt?

Much as with other types of sexual activities, anal masturbation can hurt a little at first, mainly because the anal muscles are tight. If you take it slow, however, and don’t rush the activity, it won’t be long before it starts to feel very good.

If you’ve been practicing anal masturbation for a while and it still doesn’t feel good, it could be because you aren’t using enough lube. Every time that you allow something to enter the anus, you have to have a lot of lube; there’s no getting around this aspect.

The anal sphincter loosens up slowly, which is the main reason why masturbation should start with something small, such as your finger, and work its way up to something larger such as sex toys.

With each activity -- and don’t forget the lube -- the anal muscles loosen up a little bit more until finally they reach the point where they stretch out no further.

So, even though anal masturbation can hurt at first, don’t worry about having to put up with that pain for very long. The more you engage in this type of masturbation, the more the sphincter will loosen up, which means that the pain should go away sooner than you think.

Can You Orgasm From Anal Masturbation?

Many people of both sexes wonder if orgasms are possible from the act of anal masturbation and the answer depends on who you ask. With men, it is certainly possible to orgasm because rubbing and stimulating the prostate gland, known as “milking the prostate,” can easily get a man aroused.

This is especially true when a man is being stimulated both anally and in the genital area. This may be difficult to do on your own but if you are stimulating yourself anally and your partner is stimulating your genitals, it can result in a mind-blowing orgasm, according to many people.

If you aren’t sure where the prostate is, it is rather easy to find. Once you insert your finger into the rectum, you’ll feel a spherical-shaped muscle or “bud,” and that is the prostate gland.

If you massage it, it becomes stimulated immediately and you will feel a nearly automatic arousal. If you keep massaging it, you should orgasm quickly.

As for women, many of them also claim to have orgasms with anal masturbation; again, this is especially true when combined with some type of genital stimulation. With both sexes, just the thought of being self-stimulated and massaged in the anal area is quite arousing.

Once you’re used to it, it shouldn’t take long for you to orgasm. If you end up not having an orgasm during this activity, do not worry.

It doesn’t happen for everyone so there is certainly nothing wrong with you if you don’t orgasm. If this is something that you’re aiming for, however, just have patience, continue to pleasure yourself, and practice so that it eventually does happen for you.

Penetration: Does Something Need to Go in?

When you’re interested in anal masturbation and you’ve never done it before, you’re naturally going to have a lot of questions and concerns. One question that is asked frequently is whether you need to insert something into the anus during anal masturbation.

Although this is something that many people aim for, the fact is that anal masturbation can feel great even if all you’re doing is stimulating the outside of the anal area.

When you’ve never been involved in anal masturbation before, one of the things you’ll learn is that there are a variety of toys and objects that you can insert into the anus. However, if you’re leery about doing that at first, do not worry.

In fact, for anal masturbation to take place and to be pleasurable, you don’t have to insert anything into the anus. You can simply use a finger or even the tip of a butt plug or toy and “tease” yourself by rubbing it alone on the outside of the butthole. When you first start out with this activity, this will likely be enough to get you excited.

You can also use your finger or different objects and insert them only part of the way in, which gets you ready for inserting something bigger later on.

Best of all, you can take your time with all of these activities and decide which one you like best. If you decide to go back to not inserting anything inside of you, it’s perfectly fine to stop where you are.

Solo or with a Partner?

When you first start masturbating anally, you’ll likely want to try it alone. After all, you’re likely to be a little nervous when you first get started and being concerned only about yourself and not a partner will make things a little less stressful on you.

Trying solo anal masturbation also allows you to be both the giver and the receiver, which means that you’ll experience a better sense of control over the situation. This alone is one of the reasons why solo masturbation is your smartest option if this is your first time.

Once you’ve gotten a little more experience under your belt, you can try anal masturbation with a partner. The best way to do this is to have your partner stimulate your genitals while you stimulate yourself anally or vice versa.

Being stimulated in these two parts of your body makes for one amazing experience and it helps you reach heights that you never thought you’d reach.

Whether alone or with a partner, it is important to set the mood when you wish to try anal masturbation. Put on some soft music, light some candles, and, most importantly, get that lube ready.

After all, this is all part of the sexual experience and you need to treat it as such. Never just jump right into any sexual activity that has to do with the anus because unlike the genital area, the anal area requires a little more time to get lubed up and ready to go.

Solo Anal Masturbation: How to

Once again, when trying anal masturbation for the first time, it is much more likely to be successful if you try this activity by yourself. You still have to set the mood just as you would if you were having sex with a partner but a solo performance simply works better most of the time if you’re a newbie at this.

When it comes to what you’ll be teasing your anus with, that is completely up to you. If you’re an “anal virgin,” it’s best to get into a comfortable position and use your fingers first.

Keep in mind that unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate so you need to use plenty of lube in addition to preparing yourself psychologically and physically.

A slow pace works best if you’ve never tried anal before so start with your fingers and slowly -- at your own pace -- move up to bigger and bigger items such as anal beads and sex toys.

You can go in as deep as you like because anal masturbation only feels good when you’re doing something that you really want to do.

You can start by putting some lube on your fingers and gently exploring the inside of the anus. Start with a light touch and make it a little firmer as you get more used to it.

If you need to, reapply the lube so that there is no friction or dryness inside. Most importantly, breathe normally and take your time. Only you will know when you’re ready to move up to another object or go deeper within the anus.

Solo Anal Masturbation: Techniques and Positions

So you’ve decided that you’d like to give anal masturbation a try. What next? Again, setting the mood is important so whatever you normally do to help you relax and get in the right frame of mind for sex, you should do that first.

You can decide for yourself which position to get into but one of the easiest positions for newbies is to lie on your back with your legs spread wide and your knees bent. At first, you may even need a mirror to find the anus but that is certainly easy to do.

After you’ve found the right spot, place some lube on your fingers and start exploring. If you’d like to start with some rubbing and touching only, you can do so.

If you’re a little used to this type of activity, you can insert anal beads and pull them out one bead at a time for an amazing sensation.

If you want to use a butt plug either because you enjoy the feeling or because you need to stretch out the anal muscles a little more, you can do that as well.

One word of caution for women: if you’re performing anal masturbation, be careful not to get any of the anal discharge in or near the vagina as it could cause an infection. With a little practice, this will be easy to do.

In addition, you can always stimulate your genital area at the same time you do your anal area for some extra-naughty fun. This, too, may take a while to learn but once you get good at it, you’re not likely to stop any time soon.

Anal Masturbation with a Partner: How to

Anal masturbation is a lot of fun when you have a partner because you’ll be stimulated in more ways than one and you’ll therefore have multiple paths to ecstasy.

The best way to encourage a partner to join you is to have that person stimulate either your genitals or your anal area while you stimulate the other.

You can get into a variety of positions but if you lie down on the bed with your knees bent and your legs spread wide, it will be easier for your partner to face you and sit or squat close to your private parts and stimulate you that way.

The best part of this activity is that you’ll be stimulated both anally and vaginally and it really won’t matter who is doing what because both of you will end up being super excited and ready for even more sexual action.

You can even rub the outside of the butthole with your fingers and have your partner tease that area with a toy or a butt plug. Remember that there are no fixed rules when it comes to anal masturbation with or without a partner so take your time, explore, and enjoy the results of your anal sex play.

Anal Masturbation with a Partner: Techniques and Positions

Another way to enjoy anal masturbation with a partner is to stimulate one another at the same time. You can lie on the bed on your back and get yourself into a 69-type position because your partner’s genital area is right next to your head and hand area this way.

You have a lot of options once you get into the right position; for instance, you can stimulate one area while your partner stimulates the other area or you can each stimulate yourself while the other one does himself or herself.

You can also stand up and face one another, which makes it easier to stimulate the other one’s private parts, or you can lie on your back and have your partner sit on top of you near the genital area. This way, there is easy access for both of you to whatever area you’re wanting to stimulate.

You can use fingers, toys, genital area, anal area, whatever you wish. Again, there are no rules and if you practice this long enough, you’ll likely be able to come up with a few new positions of your own.

Male Anal Masturbation (The Prostate Gland)

Even some straight men enjoy a little anal masturbation now and again and one of the reasons why it’s so pleasurable to men is because of the prostate gland, which is a walnut-shaped gland that you can easily feel if you place your fingers in the rectum.

In fact, it doesn’t take long to find it because once you get your finger in the right position, you don’t have to explore long before you find this gem.

When you massage the gland, it produces a lot of great sensation that you won’t feel with many other sex acts, which ensures that you’ll want to do this again and again.

You also don’t need to massage the gland very hard to produce some fantastic results. If you grab your penis with one hand and stimulate the anus with the other hand, you’ll likely have a type of orgasm that you’ve never had before and this is a lot easier to achieve than you think.

The nerve endings in the anal area, along with the hormones that are released during this activity, cause you to have some extraordinary orgasms and the best part is that men of all sexual orientations can enjoy this type of sex.

One concern that many men have is explaining to their partners that they enjoy this type of masturbation, especially if they aren’t gay.

However, not only is there nothing wrong with being gay but there is also nothing wrong with enjoying anal sex play of any type, regardless of your sexual orientation. You have a right to do something that makes you feel good and this includes anal masturbation.


Edging is the act of bringing yourself near orgasm and then stopping the stimulation so that the orgasm doesn’t happen.

At one time, it was used as a way to help men who don’t last long in the bedroom but these days, people use it as a way to make their sexual experiences last a little longer.

Also called surfing or peaking, edging is easy to master and gives you yet another activity to look forward to in the bedroom.

Edging seems to help both genders, but especially females, have orgasms more easily. Edging offers many benefits that include a better awareness of your body and sexual health, sexual activity that doesn’t just center around penetration, and even building up your self-confidence in the bedroom.

It can leave you with a better sense of control over your body and this goes a long way in better enjoyment of the act of sex.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you’re interested in edging is that you should never cause someone to edge without consent because this can be very frustrating. If you’re interested in it, practice it on yourself first, then talk to your partner about trying it on him or her.

Lubrication for Anal Masturbation

There are three basic types of lube and the one you use is mostly a matter of personal preference. Water-based lubricants are easier to clean up but they are also easily absorbed and you may therefore have to reapply them during the sex act.

Silicone-based lube is thicker and gel-like and it usually lasts longer than water-based lube. However, silicone-based lube is more difficult to clean up after and in fact is very messy.

The third type of lubricant is the oil-based lube; both baby oil and Vaseline jelly are considered this type of lube. As with silicone-based lube, the oil-based lubes last longer than water-based lube but are a little messier.

They also don’t do well with latex condoms and they are not good for the vaginal area. However, if you are using this type of lube for anal masturbation only, it will work just fine.

Another consideration when choosing your lube is to consider the toy that you’re using because some sex toys require a specific type of lubricant.

Check the packaging every time that try a new product to make sure that you’re using the right type of lube. Other than that, you can use any type of lube that’s most comfortable for you when you’re masturbating either anally or any other way.

Safety Tips for Anal Masturbation

Many people wonder if anal masturbation is safe and the answer depends on exactly what you plan to do and how prepared you are for the act. The sphincter is delicate and if you are too aggressive or you don’t use enough lube, you can harm the anal area in many ways.

You can get tiny tears in the rectum area and you can also perforate the rectum or even the colon. Many reports claim that if you stimulate the anus too often, all of these things can happen. If you’re going to masturbate anally, do it the right way.

It doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from anal masturbation. It just means that you have to pay attention to the rules regarding this activity.

These rules include: use a lot of lube throughout the entire act and never get too aggressive while masturbating. If you’re gentle and not too assertive, you should be able to enjoy this activity for a very long time.

Hygiene Tips for Anal Masturbation

Successful anal masturbation requires a good amount of preparation. The main purpose of the prep job is to make sure that your backside area is nice and clean.

You can go into the bathroom 30 to 60 minutes before you masturbate, empty your bowels, and clean the area with soap and warm water. If you like, you can use an alcohol-free baby wipe to get the area extra clean.

There is no need to get an enema before you masturbate; however, a lot of people prefer this because it gives them an edge when it comes to cleanliness. If you go this route, use the enema one to two hours before you masturbate.

Since anal play of any type can be messy, you can use other suggestions as well, such as using gloves, placing a towel down underneath you before you get started, and, most importantly, always cleaning up right after anal masturbation if you intend to have regular sex afterwards.

Some people aren’t bothered by the messiness of anal masturbation while many others are. Your own level of comfort is what you should pay attention to; after all, masturbation is something that you should thoroughly enjoy on your own terms.

It is easy to enjoy anal masturbation even if you don’t go overboard on the cleaning process but you should at least wash down there with soap and water before you get started.

Sex Toys for Anal Masturbation

When it comes to sex toys, there are a lot of them available for your anal masturbation activity. A butt plug is a great tool to have when you’re interested in anal masturbation because it does a great job of stretching out the sphincter to prepare you for better masturbation and even anal sex.

Most butt plugs go from narrow to wide so you can insert as much of it as you feel comfortable with while you get used to the feeling it gives you. Once the anus stretches out more, you can insert the butt plug further into the anus.

Anal beads were once used only by gay men but that is no longer the case. These strings can be inserted into the anus and if you remove them slowly, they come out one bead at a time and provide the ultimate in just the right type of sexual sensation.

Even women can use anal beads because they come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and even colors for your enjoyment.

In addition to anal beads and butt plugs, there is a wide variety of sex toys that are perfect for anal masturbation.

Many people use dildos or vibrators for some extra butt fun and there are also toys made specifically for stroking the anal area. You can even use small vibrating “eggs,” which are hand-held and made especially for their vibrating effect.

The important thing to remember about sex toys and anal masturbation is that you can easily graduate from smaller toys to larger ones whenever you’re ready.

It is crucial to take your time and use a lot of lube. You should get fully used to one size of sex toy before you use a bigger one because otherwise the act is uncomfortable and you’ll simply want to stop.

Although sex toys are not a necessity for you to enjoy anal masturbation, they can enhance the experience greatly, which is why so many people use them.

If you have only tried anal masturbation with your fingers, it is worth your time and effort to try items such as butt plugs and sex toys. After all, you’re participating in this activity to feel good and explore your sexual side and sex toys go a long way in helping you achieve that and more.