Anal Masturbation: Finger Yourself the Right Way!

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Anal sex and stimulation is becoming more popular than ever! Much of the social stigma usually associated with it has evaporated, and new people are trying anal for the first time every single day!

Something that is often overlooked though, is anal masturbation.

We’re all usually perfectly happy to play with our other sexual regions, but when it comes to your butt, most people just don’t bother.

What these people don’t know is that they’re missing out! Not only can anal masturbation be something great to explore on your own, but it’s also a great way to figure out what you like and dislike about anal stimulation.

Love Masturbation? Try Anal!

If you love masturbation, but haven’t tried any kind of anal stimulation, then we definitely recommend you give it a try. But why?

Well, the anus has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings found in your entire body! Every little touch stimulates many of these nerves, leading to some incredibly intense feelings of pleasure.

It’s also just plain dirty. Despite societies modern, progressive attitudes, anal sex is still just that little bit taboo. Many, many people love exploring these taboos, and the knowledge that they’re doing something out of the ordinary can heighten the entire experience!

Or perhaps you’re someone who already enjoys anal sex. What could anal masturbation possibly offer that sex doesn’t already?

Well taking the time to explore your own nether regions can let you find all the sweet spots that feel extra nice to stimulate. You will be able to better guide your partner when they are having anal sex with you, or even learn some new tricks you might want to try out!

To put it simply, there’s loads of reasons to try anal masturbation!

Penetration: Do I Have to Finger My Ass?

When you’re interested in anal masturbation and you’ve never done it before, you’re naturally going to have a lot of questions and concerns. One question that is asked frequently is: “Do I actually need to put something up my butt?”

While penetration will be the end goal for the vast majority of people, we know that it isn’t for everyone.

Luckily there is still plenty of fun to be had with your butt, without putting anything inside at all!

The nerve endings that make anal stimulation feel so good aren’t just found inside your body. There are plenty around your anus and butt cheeks just waiting to be stimulated. You can gently stroke with fingers, use vibrators or massagers, or even a tongue!

Sex Toys for Anal Masturbation

If you’ve spent any time browsing sex toy sites, you should probably know by now that there are literally thousands of different toys out there. While they can’t all be used anally, the vast majority of them can!

Some of our favourite toys for anal masturbation sessions are:

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs will usually be the first kind of anal toy you’ll think about, after all, they have butt in the name!

These small plugs are inserted into the anus, and held in place touching different parts of your anus. As you move around, the plug will shift slightly, stimulating the different parts of your butt.

The other great thing about butt plugs is that they’re completely passive! You can just pop them in, and continue playing with any other parts of your body that you want. Or if you want to be as un-involved as possible, just sit back and enjoy the sensations!

Some of our favourite butt plugs for anal masturbation are:

Anal Beads

Anal beads are small sets of beads that are joined together by a string or silicone. Again, these are primarily designed for use anally.

Rather than holding them in place, anal beads are meant to be inserted and removed, much like a penis or dildo. However, their shape changes the sensation completely.

As each bead enters your body, you’ll feel your sphincter being pushed open and then closing back up again. Then the next bead starts to enter and the process repeats.

The constant opening and closing of the sphincter muscle can feel fantastic. Some describe it as a popping sensation. For the ultimate anal bead pleasure, try removing them one by one, just as you reach orgasm.

Some of our favourite anal beads for anal masturbation are:

Anal Vibrators

Vibrators are a fantastic toy for anal masturbation, as you can simply pop them in, turn them on, and relax. Being able to sit back and not need to do anything can give you time to properly adjust and get used to the feelings, especially as a beginner.

Once you’re feeling more comfortable, there’s no need to move onto a larger toy. Simply turn the vibrator up or change the pattern!

While some vibrators are marketed more specifically as “anal vibrators”, in reality, you can use any vibrator for anal masturbation. Just be sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly, and if you’re going to put it in your body, it needs to have a base that will stop it getting sucked inside.

Some of our favourite anal vibrators for anal masturbation are:

Prostate Massagers

An honourable mention should go to prostate massagers. While basically a cross between a butt plug and a vibrator, these devices are specifically designed to hit a man’s prostate gland.

Stimulating this gland can be the pinnacle of anal pleasure for men, but we’ll cover that more later...

Some of our favourite prostate massagers for anal masturbation are:

Solo Anal? Or Mutual Masturbation?

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you’re going to want to masturbate alone, or let your partner in on the fun.

When your first starting to masturbate anally, you’ll likely want to try it alone. After all, you’re probably going to be a little nervous when you first get started and being concerned only about yourself and not a partner will make things a little less stressful on you.

Trying solo anal masturbation also allows you to be both the giver and the receiver, which means that you’ll experience a better sense of control over the situation. You can properly explore your body, and find all the areas that you enjoy stimulating.

Once you’ve gotten a little more experience under your belt, you can try anal masturbation with a partner. You’ll be able to guide them with your solo experiences, and let them know if they’re being to rough, or not hitting the right spots!

Solo Anal Masturbation: Tips and Positions

Whether alone or with a partner, it is important to set the mood when you wish to try anal masturbation. Put on some soft music, light some candles, and, most importantly, get that lube ready.

After all, this is all part of the sexual experience and you need to treat it as such. Never just jump right into any sexual activity that has to do with the anus because unlike the genital area, the anal area requires a little more time to get lubed up and ready to go.

You can decide for yourself which position to get into but one of the easiest positions for newbies is to lie on your back with your legs spread wide and your knees bent. At first, you may even need a mirror to find the anus but that is certainly easy to do.

After you’ve found the right spot, place some lube on your fingers and start exploring. If you’d like to start with some rubbing and touching only, you can do so. When you feel ready for a little penetration, gently rest the pad of a finger on your anus and push like a doorbell. If you’ve used enough lube it should just slide right in.

There’s no need to go any further than this for a while, instead just sit and get used to the feelings and sensations. When you feel ready, you can put the finger in a bit deeper, then try two fingers, and if you’re really in the mood, move onto a sex toy!

Stimulating your penis or vagina can also help a lot to get you in the mood. Often anal masturbation might just seem a bit wierd or uncomfortable. Pairing the two up can help you move past this, and actually enjoy what you’re feeling rather than just noticing it.

Female Anal Masturbation

For women, the main enjoyment of anal masturbation comes from all the nerve endings found inside the butt. These can be stimulated in any way you want, so take your time and figure out what works best for you.

However, anal nerves aren’t the only things going on!

Many people believe that a woman’s clitoris goes much deeper into the body, like an iceberg. Some of the inner parts of the clitoris are found near the anal canal, and stimulating your own anus can actually stimulate the clitoris.

This internal part of the clitoris is also much larger than the small external part, so you can experience much more intense and enjoyable sensations.

You can also pair your anal masturbation with some traditional, vaginal masturbation. When you insert objects into your anus, they obviously take up space inside your body. In doing so, these things push against the back of the vagina, and can make it feel much tighter!

Combining some anal play with a dildo or vibrator can help women reach new heights of sexual pleasure they didn’t even know were possible!

Male Anal Masturbation

Even some straight men enjoy a little anal masturbation now and again and one of the reasons why it’s so pleasurable to men is because of the prostate gland, which is a walnut-shaped gland that you can easily feel if you place your fingers in the rectum.

In fact, you don’t have to explore long before you find this gem. For most men it will be found 2-3 inches in, between your anus and belly button.

When you massage the gland, it produces a lot of great sensation that you won’t feel with many other sex acts, which ensures that you’ll want to do this again and again.

You also don’t need to massage the gland very hard to produce some fantastic results. If you grab your penis with one hand and stimulate the anus with the other hand, you can experience some of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had!

One concern that many men have is explaining to their partners that they enjoy this type of masturbation, especially if they aren’t gay.

However, not only is there nothing wrong with being gay but there is also nothing wrong with enjoying anal sex play of any type, regardless of your sexual orientation. You have a right to do something that makes you feel good and this includes anal masturbation.

Anal Masturbation With a Partner: How To

Anal masturbation is a lot of fun when you have a partner because you’ll be stimulated in more ways than one and you’ll therefore have multiple paths to ecstasy.

The best way to encourage a partner to join you is to have that person stimulate either your genitals or your anal area while you stimulate the other.

You can get into a variety of positions but if you lie down on the bed with your knees bent and your legs spread wide, it will be easier for your partner to face you and sit or squat close to your genitals.

Make sure to keep communicating throughout, and let them know what feels good. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy it, so explore together and figure out what you like!

Anal Masturbation With a Partner: Tips and Positions

When it comes to partnered anal masturbation, much of the same advice applies. You’ll still want to take the time to relax, get yourself comfortable, and use plenty of lube.

Experimenting with different positions can make a huge difference, as you’ll often find that some are much easier to use your hands than others.

You have a lot of options once you get into the right position; for instance, you can stimulate one area while your partner stimulates the other area or you can each stimulate yourself while the other one does himself or herself.

If you’re a little worried about bringing your partner into your anal masturbation session, you might want to establish a safe word before hand. If either partner says the safe word, the anal play stops immediately. Having this in place can help to reassure nervous partners that nothing will happen that they won’t enjoy.

Try It Yourself Today!

Anal masturbation doesn’t need to be scary! There is literally body-shaking amounts of pleasure to be gained from anal stimulation done the right way, and what better way than by doing it yourself?

So if you’ve ever thought it might be something you enjoy, we definitely encourage you to give it a try. Before you know it, you might be the proud owner of some of our amazing anal toys which help you reach orgasmic heights you didn’t know were possible!

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