6.1" Blue-colored Beads Anal Plug

6.1" Blue-colored Beads Anal Plug

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Feeling a little blue? Indulge yourself with a different kind of backdoor pleasure. Turn your frown into a bright smile because our 6.1" Blue-colored Beads Anal Plug will help you achieve that oh-so-sweet orgasm.

The 6.1" Blue-colored Beads Anal Plug features seven spherical beads attached together in a series, a short, straight neck, and a flat, flared base. The beads have the same size which gives the plug a ribbed-like feel as you move this in and out of the anus.

Unlike silicone, glass is rigid, stiff, and not flexible. This type of material is ideal for advanced anal sex toy users. Inserting a glass plug requires great care and a lot of caution. The anus has a high concentration of nerve-endings; thus, it is delicate and susceptible to injuries. A little mistake can result in perforation and trauma.

The smooth and shiny exterior makes for more comfortable insertion. You can maneuver the butt plug in and out your anus if you want to. But make sure that the whole process is not forced and rushed. To start, apply your favorite lube on the glass butt plug. Do not hesitate to apply a generous amount in your anus, too. Circle the anus with a finger then slowly insert one finger inside. As much as possible, try to stretch the rectal muscles with your finger. Once comfortable, slowly insert the plug inside. To remove, do deep breaths, bear down then gently pull the plug out.

Porous materials tend to trap bacteria inside the tiny pores making them trickier to clean. But our 6.1" Blue-colored Beads Anal Plug is easy to clean as glass is completely pore-free. Wash the glass plugs using warm, soapy water. To thoroughly disinfect the device, sterilize it for a few minutes.

Happiness may be fleeting, but the pleasure you’ll get from using our 6.1" Blue-colored Beads Anal Plug is unforgettable. Be a proud owner of this magnificent anal plug right now!

Color Blue
Type Anal beads, Glass Plugs
Material Glass


15.5 cm (6.1 in.)


2cm (0.78 in.)