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Give what your partner wants and level up your couple’s play. You may try a new act or position you have never done before, or get a tool that can take your erotic game up the notch—or you can grab this alluring set! It’s a better option than other products on our website because you’re not just getting one product but seven. Who can resist such a great deal?

Our Kinky Sub 7-Piece Bondage Set has everything you need in leveling up your erotic game. This set of pleasure tools have two cuffs, an eye mask, a whip, a collar, a gag ball, and an extra cord.

Use the cuffs on your lover’s wrists and ankles to oppress her from moving. Put the eye mask around her head to tease her more. Alternatively, wear the collar around her neck and turn her into a pup or a feline. And when she gets naughty, you can whip her ass with the included lash to discipline her.

As for the gag ball, you can use it to keep your lady’s mouth shut, especially if she’s a moaner. It will keep her moans and groans down as you bang her little hole as if there’s no tomorrow.

All these fetish tools may look daunting because of their looks, but they are safe to use. They are all made from body-safe materials, making them ideal for those who have sensitive skin. And since they are body-friendly, this set is the perfect way to introduce your lover—and even yourself—into the world of kinky play.

The best part? Anyone can use this bondage kit! It doesn’t matter whether you’re straight or not; this lewd set will elevate your erotic game.

So why get one product when you can grab them all? Go ahead and get this set. You’d be glad you did.

Product Description:

Color Black, Purple, Pink
Material PU Leather/Cotton
Dimension Length:
Whip: 19.66 inches
Collar: Adjustable (Fits all)+ Dog chain: 39.37 inches
Handcuffs: 11.02 inches
Foot Cuffs: 13.39 inches
Rope: 196.85 inches
Eye Mask: One Size (adjustable)
Collar: One Size (adjustable)
Mouth Ball: 1.65 inches (strap adjustable)
Handcuffs: 1.97-3.94 inches (adjustable)
Foot Cuffs: 2.17-4.92 inches (adjustable)
Rope: 0.31 inches
Package Inclusions 1 × eye mask
1 × whip with whiskers
1 × collar with a dog chain
1 × mouth ball
1 × pair of handcuffs
1 × pair of foot cuffs
1 × cotton rope