Why Should You Anal Douche?

If you understand what anal douching is, but still aren’t convinced, then you’re probably wondering exactly why people douche. To help put your mind at rest, we’ve tried to compile a short list of reasons people have for regular anal douches.

The main purpose of anal douching is a simple one. You want to clean out the rectum of all leftover faeces, leaving everything nice and fresh. For a lot of people, sexual considerations aren’t even a factor with douching. Instead it is all about hygiene, and general health. For others though, it’s all about intercourse.

Douching for Hygiene

Simply put, hygienic douching is done solely to remove excess faeces and bad bacteria from the rectum. That’s all there is to it. While the body has its own natural processes to do this through excretion, sometimes it needs a little extra help.

Situations where this is more important are mainly focused around people with forms of digestive disorders. In particular, constipation can be the biggest issue. Not being able to regularly empty your bowels can not only be bad for you, it can be incredibly uncomfortable.

People with poor diets might also get some benefit from regular douching. If you eat a diet low in fibre, or regularly gorge on fatty or salty food, then your normal bowel movements might be looser and messier. A quick cleanse on a regular basis can make sure that no faecal matter gets built up inside your rectum.

Whichever your reasons for douching, the end result is usually the same. Most people say that following a cleanse, they feel lighter, cleaner, and healthier overall.

Douching for Sex

Anal douching for sex is a bit of a different beast. The most common reason to do it is simply to avoid faecal matter getting onto whatever you happen to be putting in your butt. A little cleaning before the act can save a lot of clean up later.

In this situation you’ll want to do your douching at least an hour prior to your penetration, so the natural mucous of the rectum has time to recover. Doing it too close to your sexual activity puts you at higher risk of anal tearing or bleeding, and if you aren’t a fan of faecal matter getting on your toys, I very much doubt you’re going to want blood on them.

While there are the obvious benefits of not getting faecal matter on fingers, toys or penises, there’s also a more psychological level to it all. Having peace of mind can make people feel much more confident. This is especially true in newer relationships, as partners might not have gotten entirely comfortable with each other yet. I think we can all imagine how awkward it would feel to be enjoying some anal sex with a new partner, then having to have a rather uncomfortable discussion after a little accident.

Douching after sex?

While it’s understandable why people would want to clean themselves out before sex, a less common habit is for people to clean themselves out afterwards. Again, the premise is sound, you’ve introduced extra surfaces and bacteria (or even semen) into your rectum, so a quick wash will get it all back out again. While I don’t think this can cause any particular damage or harm, we all know how sensitive things can feel following intercourse so it might be a little painful. To be on the safe side, it’s probably best not to do it immediately after sex, but a little later on.

Is it necessary?

With all that information in hand, you might still not be convinced that you should bother. I don’t blame you. Whether you decide to start anal douching or not is an entirely personal decision, and as long as you wouldn’t be embarrassed if anything did go wrong during anal sex, then not bothering at all is a perfectly valid decision. We are all free to wash our bodies however we see fit. As long as we are actually washing…