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Tips For Long Term Butt Plug Wear

Many of us often wonder how long we can wear a butt plug. Indeed, sometimes we want to take it out immediately, as it’s just not comfortable enough.

However, when we find the perfect butt plug, we want to keep it in all the time; even while we’re at work, doing errands and more!

Yet, there’s a dark side to long-term butt plug wear we have to consider. Having a foreign object in our anus for many hours at a time could lead to some dire consequences.

So without further ado, let’s see how long a person can wear a butt plug and why prolonged wear may or may not be such a great idea.

Medical Opinions: How Long Is It Safe To Wear Butt Plugs?

Although butt plugs have been all the rage for a while now, strangely enough, the damage they can cause if worn for longer periods of time hasn’t been researched all that much.

However, if you were to ask your doctor, they would repeat the same thing most experts say: "Don’t wear the butt plug for longer than two to three hours."

That’s not very long now, is it? But there’s a good reason no one will recommend wearing it for longer.

In the end, nothing can last forever, not even lube. So once we lube the plug and put it in, it will feel great — for a while.

However, if it’s not silicone-based lube, at some point, we will feel a bit uncomfortable. This type of lube is more long-lasting than water-based or any other type of lube out there.

What Causes Pain Or General Discomfort

The cause of the discomfort is always the lining of the anus. When we place the plug into the anus, it puts pressure on the lining.

Leave it there for an hour, and you won’t feel a thing. But, if you leave it overnight or even more than two to three hours, you could damage the lining (the pressure decreases the blood flow) and possibly even get an ulcer.

In any case, there are situations when we should remove the butt plug immediately and even seek medical help. If we notice blood or any type of general discomfort, we ought to remove it before it gets any worse.

More importantly, if we think we’re going to have a bowel movement, we should remove it straight away. After a while, if it feels comfortable, we can pop it back in.

So, to sum up, in order to stay on the safe side, we have to practice safe anal play. Thus, the butt plug shouldn’t stay in the anus for longer than two to three hours at the most.

User Experiences: How Long Do People Wear Butt Plugs?

Despite the general warnings and the fact that butt plugs require a lot of lube in order to provide us with pleasure, user experiences vary quite a bit.

Some people say that they would never even want to wear a plug for more than an hour or two. Others, however, find that there’s nothing wrong with keeping it in overnight!

Granted, there are people who have found their perfect butt plug. Thus, they might be as comfortable as they say they are and have no problem keeping the plug inside.

However, the biggest issue with keeping a butt plug in for longer than recommended is — how will you take it out?

Once the lube is gone, there won’t be anything to keep the anus moist. You won’t be able to add more lube if you sleep with the plug in.

As such, the tissue surrounding the butt plug will dry out; so much so that the plug will probably get stuck a bit.

Taking it out will be quite an ordeal, no doubt. It will sort of resemble an inner wax job, which is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, let alone an anal play lover’s.

What Can Go Wrong?

It seems that most users prefer wearing their plugs for longer and are handling the discomfort quite well. In order to wear one for up to five or six hours, though, you need to prepare yourself.

If by any chance you decide to wear the plug while doing errands, shopping or while you're at work, you’ll need to bring lube with you.

In addition, since it’s better to be safe than sorry, you should apply a bit of lube every now and then during the day to keep the area moist.

But the most important part of wearing a butt plug for hours on end is picking the right model. It has to be comfortable all the time.

It shouldn’t harm you in any way, let alone lead to serious repercussions.

What’s more, you have to take into account that you’ll need to have a bowel movement at some point. Thus, not removing the plug at all in a span of 12+ hours could make you constipated.

Keeping Plugs In With Harnesses

Now, sometimes, it’s difficult to keep the butt plug in by purely using our muscles. Some butt plugs, like heavier, steel ones, can easily slip out due to gravity alone and if they are too small for our anus.

However, there is a good solution, especially if you’re planning to have sex while it’s in — get a harness.

Butt plug harnesses come in various designs, and they are specially made to enable users to wear the butt plugs for longer and make the whole experience a bit more comfortable. In addition, these contraptions allow users to relax a bit and enjoy the whole process more.

Most designs come with straps that go around the waist and between the legs. They also have openings that allow the vulva or the penis to remain “exposed” while the plug is inside.

Still, the sex toy market is constantly evolving. Because of that, now we even have harnesses we can attach a butt plug to and penetrate our partner with it.

Fabrics — How To Pick The Right Harness

However, when picking out a harness, you ought to remember that some fabrics are more comfortable than others. Additionally, you have to consider the weight of the butt plug and how strong the harness has to be.

Thus, most users opt for leather ones, as they are sturdy enough not to rip after a few uses. What’s more, leather ages wonderfully, so there’s some aesthetic appeal to it as well.

If you’re planning to wear a butt plug for longer than a couple of hours (or for marathon sex), then it’s crucial to pick a breathable fabric. Something like velvet would do just fine, but check out polyester and nylon harnesses as well.

All of these fabrics will keep the butt plug where it belongs and let you go about your day comfortably. That is, if you don’t forget to re-apply lube every once in a while.

Keeping Plugs In Without Harnesses

Without a harness, some users have a lot of trouble keeping the plug in. However, in 99% of cases, the main reason the plug keeps slipping out is its shape.

If it doesn’t fit well or is badly designed, there’s a good chance you might lose it at some point during the day.

Granted, if you’re sitting down, the plug doesn't have anywhere to go. But even though that sounds like a fine idea, you’d essentially be robbing yourself from a lot of pleasure.

People love wearing butt plugs during sex as well, not to mention while out and about. As such, users have to understand that avoiding something won’t bring results. It’ll just make the investment worthless.

Now, it’s important to note that there are two types of muscles in our anal cavity that prevent stuff from coming in and going out. These are the external and internal sphincter muscles.

When these are contracted, they essentially create a “barrier” and thus can keep something like a butt plug in.

So why do most people have a hard time using a butt plug without having to hold it all the time? Well, it all comes down to the design they’ve chosen.

Over time (and with frequent use), butt plugs allow us to stretch out our anus so that it can accommodate a bigger plug. However, if we go for a toy that’s too small for it, it will slip out, no matter how contracted the muscles are.

In addition, if we use too much lube, that can also lead to the plug slipping out.

Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Shape?

Yes and no. Humans are all different! We cannot just presume that what is great for one user will be amazing for us too.

When indulging in some anal play with a butt plug, we ought to try out a few of them so that we can see what feels right and what doesn’t.

Nevertheless, that isn’t to say there aren’t some “rules” when it comes to the shape.

In most cases, users swear by butt plugs with longer necks and bigger bulbs. This sort of shape is fantastic if we want pleasure AND to keep the butt plug in all day long.

Still, before getting a plug with the biggest bulb you can find, you absolutely need to practice.

Going in with an enormous plug and trying to cut corners just won’t do. You can easily hurt yourself, not to mention cause irreparable damage to your anus.

To stay on the safe side, you should start with the classic beginner butt plug and go from there. Start wearing it for an hour or two every day and try to relax as much as you can.

It’s important to let your body get accustomed to the plug. That way, it won’t be eager to “reject” it, i.e., push it out. Once you’ve stretched out your anus a bit more, you can pick another, bigger model and repeat the whole process.

How To Keep The Plug In While Having Sex

Keeping a plug in while you’re at home is one thing. However, while having sex, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. It could slip out multiple times, which means you would have to stop and pop it back in.

The solution is the same: you need to find a plug that will fit just right. It shouldn’t be too big, too small, too short or too long for you because then there’s a high chance you’ll either injure yourself or lose it somewhere in the bed.

But there’s also the issue of thrusting during sex. Since a butt plug will generally move with you when you move (depending on the material), any sort of wild thrusting can get it out.

So, you need to practice, and if necessary, even ask your partner to keep it in. Over time, you’ll get used to the sensation and learn how to control your muscles, your mind, and your thrusts, all at the same time.

Chafing During Long-Term Wear

Even though wearing a butt plug all day long seems incredibly fun, there is one thing that can easily prevent us from feeling any pleasure at all: chafing.

We all know what chafing is, as we’ve probably experienced it at least once in our life.

When something rubs against our skin for a long time, the skin starts to hurt. It becomes sore, red and basically “angry” with us. Needless to say, it’s not pretty at all or comfortable for that matter.

However, chafing on your butt or around the anus is even worse than that. So, if we decide to wear the plug for more than 2–3 hours, we will need to take extra precautions.

The main cause of chafing during long-term butt plug wear is the shape of the base and the material. If we opt for a not-so-smooth butt plug, we can expect our butt to hurt by the end of the day.

Every move we make will essentially move the plug too. As such, if there’s anything rough about it, it will chafe against our skin.

Additionally, the base has to be just right in order to wear a plug for more than two or three hours.

A round base will definitely hurt, especially if it’s too rigid to accommodate to our cheeks. Thus, in order to prevent chafing, tissue damage and overall discomfort, our best bet would be a 100% silicone butt plug with a T-base and some good lube.

Lube Up!

Remember — silicone butt plugs cannot be used with silicone-based lube, as they can disintegrate. Because of that, using water-based or oil-based lube is a better idea.

However, in case water-based is our preferred option, we’ll have to reapply it during the day at least once or twice.

Best Kinds Of Butt Plugs For Long-Term Wear

We’ve talked about how long one can wear a butt plug and why. Now, it’s time to determine what type of butt plug is suitable for long-term wear.

As we have already mentioned in the section about chafing, there are a few designs we ought to be careful of.

First of all, any sort of plug that has a round base will most likely chafe us during the day, so we would need to take it out at one point.

Additionally, we need to keep in mind that we will have to apply lube if necessary. Otherwise, when we actually decide to take the plug out, it will not just hurt but harm us too.


Out of all the butt plugs on the market, the silicone ones are your best bet when it comes to long-term plug wear.

These kinds of butt plugs are usually the best of both worlds, and the perfect middle between very soft ones (like jelly plugs, which you should avoid) and metal plugs.

The problem for most users is the lube, actually, as some prefer to wear a plug even while they’re sleeping.

Since silicone is both firm and soft at the same time, it will stay put even when you’re out and about. However, instead of staying rigid inside of you, it will conform to the natural curves in your anal cavity and move along with you.

Thus, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all, usually not even when you’re driving.

Another good option would be to use a metal plug. Granted, it’s not for the fainthearted, as these plugs tend to be too heavy for everyday use.

Still, we can weigh our options and practice while at home on a daily basis until we’re comfortable enough to wear the plug for more than two hours.


Lastly, we ought to mention that the best butt plug for long-term use should fit perfectly inside our anus. It shouldn’t harm us or cause us any pain, as then we would have to take it out right away.

Thus, in most cases, if we’re planning on wearing it all day long, we should actually pick a slightly smaller plug than the one we can usually take.

Yes, a bigger bulb looks tempting, but imagine having it in you all day long. No matter how you walk or sit, it might become too uncomfortable to bear at some point.

Still, in terms of the shape of the base and the size of the neck, it’s very simple. The neck ought to be a bit thinner than what you normally opt for, as thinner necks are much more comfortable than thicker ones as far as long-term wear goes.

Additionally, the base has to be T-shaped, and it should rest in our cheeks without causing any discomfort whatsoever.

Best Lubricants For Long-Term Wear

As we have already mentioned, silicone-based lube is a no-go with silicone plugs, which is why you ought to opt for oil-based or water-based lube.

Both have their pros and cons, the oil-based version being slightly better because it stays slick for longer. Still, it’s usually a matter of personal preference.

Water-Based Lube

The great thing about water-based lube is that we can practically use it with any material. Whether we choose a metal, a silicone or a glass butt plug, this sort of lube won’t damage it at all.

However, it dries up very fast, and since our anus doesn’t have natural lubrication, we will have to reapply it a few times during the day.

The easiest way to do that is to pour a little bit of it on our index finger and apply it around the plug while it’s in. But if that doesn’t work, we will have to take it out and essentially spoil all the fun.

Oil-Based Lube

On the other hand, oil-based lube is a good option if we need a bit more help when putting the plug in. But just like with regular oil, we have to take into account that this type of lube might be a bit too slippery for some models, especially if we opt for some heavier ones, like metal plugs.

Thus, for long-term wear, it's not the best option.

In the end, the best lubricant for long-term plug wear is silicone-based lube. However, the best type of butt plug for long-term wear is a silicone butt plug — soft and bendy yet tough enough not to slip out.

As such, the choice is up to us. It usually depends on what we might find more annoying when it comes to wearing a plug all day long — having to reapply lube or having it slip out every once in a while?

Final Thoughts

Butt plugs are some of the most popular sex toys on the market today, and they’re able to provide us with a ton of pleasure.

However, when it comes to long-term wear, it’s always best to stay on the safe side and practice patience.

Over time, you will get used to the feeling and be able to wear the plug for longer. But if you’re a beginner, start small.

Wear it for a few minutes every day until it’s comfortable. Once you get going, practice wearing it for about two to three hours a day or take the necessary precautions so as not to damage your health and your anus.

After all, no matter how much pleasure you might feel, harming yourself is not worth it!