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Butt Plugs And Constipation

Whenever we’re talking about anal toys, we cannot help but think about our bowel movement and whether the whole experience will be satisfactory, and more importantly, free of feces.

After all, we all know where those toys go, so preparing our bodies in advance is of the utmost importance.

Yet what if we are suffering from constipation? Can butt plugs better or worsen our condition?

What’s more, should we avoid butt plugs altogether if passing stool is a major issue for us?

Let’s find out.

What Is Constipation?

Simply put, constipation is a condition that affects many adults and even children around the world. It is a lack of proper bowel movement, or in other words, failure to pass stool at least three times a week.

It can happen for a variety of reasons. People react differently to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Some are not able to go to the bathroom and pass stool for a few days. Others, however, suffer through diarrhea.

In addition, constipation is common among those who are:

  • Not eating food rich in fiber.
  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Leading a bad lifestyle overall.

As such, the treatment usually starts with a change in diet.

Those who are suffering from constipation may have to give up their fast food and stick to whole grain, fiber-rich options. Also, they would have to up their water intake and try to stick to their regular bowel movement pattern.

We should also note that sometimes, it feels as if our bowel knows when we cannot find a bathroom quickly enough, which makes us hold the stool in for a while.

However, we ought to avoid that and release it whenever possible. Chronic constipation and not “going when you should” may lead to various complications, including bleeding and rectal discomfort, as well as fecal impaction.

Given that there are many causes, treating constipation may take a while.

Nevertheless, some users report that using a butt plug may be a good way of jump-starting a bowel movement and finally overcoming this dreadful condition.

Can You Use Butt Plugs While Constipated?

Most users would say that anyone with an irregular bowel movement should steer clear from butt plugs. However, there’s something about these toys that can help us beat constipation.

In general, the use of butt plugs for sexual pleasures entails cleaning out one’s system.

Users often try to pass stool beforehand. Then, they continue to douche the inside so that the toy stays as clean as possible.

In addition, they may also opt to use a condom so as to avoid getting feces on the toy.

Given that most anal play lovers are not too keen on the mess, they will ensure everything is out and clean as a whistle before using a butt plug.

Otherwise, the plug can actually lead to a successful bowel movement; but that would mean they’d have to stop before they’ve even started pleasuring themselves!

Therefore, nothing can stop us from using a plug while constipated. But as our readers can see, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as we thought.

Constipation is not a nice feeling at all, and it’s likely to disrupt anyone’s daily life. Feeling that tension all day long yet not being able to pass stool could prevent us from enjoying not just the butt plug but sex in general.

Still, when it comes to using plugs as a solution for constipation, there are some unexpected results.

Can Butt Plugs Help With Constipation?

In 2007, a study showed whether or not anal plugs and retrograde colonic irrigation could help alleviate symptoms of constipation.

The study focused both on adults and children who had issues regarding their bowel movement due to various conditions such as spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, and hemangioblastoma.

According to the study, they were all looking to improve the whole process and avoid problems in their social life.

"Once given the butt plugs, those who continued to use them regularly reported that they felt a significant improvement. Indeed, since plugs actually create a sense of “urgency,” our body believes we want to pass stool once they’re inside."

Thus, using butt plugs to help with constipation can work; in fact, it’s a quite successful form of treatment if we may say so.

However, that isn’t to say that anyone out there should immediately go to a sex shop and purchase a plug.

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment and figuring out the root cause of the condition is essential. We cannot possibly rely on a sex toy for the rest of our lives!

What’s more, if the main aim of a butt plug is to give us pleasure, having to stop what we’re doing and go to the bathroom every time we put one inside defeats the whole purpose.

Constipation And Lube — Is There A Connection?

While trying to figure out if butt plugs and constipation are a match made in heaven, we read through some user reports. That’s where we first saw that the type of lube we are using while wearing the butt plug might also affect our bowel movement.

Even though butt plugs create a sense of urgency and can make us go to the bathroom, some people are just used to them and have no issues whatsoever.

However, when we use a lube that’s made from ingredients that may also cause us to pass stool, then a bowel movement is almost imminent.

The two lube ingredients we want to mention here are aloe vera and glycerin.

Since using lube with butt plugs is practically unavoidable, some users report that aloe vera lube may also be the reason why they had to quickly end the anal play and run to the nearest bathroom.

Likewise, another user says that they have had issues with lube that contained glycerin; it made them pass stool almost instantly.

Final Thoughts

The online world is a wonderful resource, which is great news if one is trying to figure out whether using a butt plug can help with constipation.

According to various reports found online, it’s likely that these sex toys will provide users with relief if they haven’t passed stool in a while.

Yet we ought to remember that butt plugs exist for our sexual pleasure.

"As such, using them for short-term self-treatment could be a fine idea, but it’s not advisable in the long run."

After all, having to stop the pleasure undermines their real purpose — and we all know how annoying that can be.

Thus, in case we’re constipated, talking to a doctor and changing our lifestyle should eliminate the symptoms.

In fact, it may let us finally enjoy the anal play we all love and deserve!