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Bleeding and Butt Plugs: What You Need to Know

Using a butt plug can be an awesome experience. You get to feel a whole new level of sensations from teasing your sphincter with different types of toys. Not to mention that you can also use a butt plug for outdoor activities by inserting it in you and walking about!

However, there are legitimate concerns when it comes to using butt plugs, or rather when using any toy for anal play. After all, safe sex is preferable, and if your anus begins to bleed, something might be wrong.

This text will cover the basics of bleeding and butt plugs. It will let you know what to do in case you begin to bleed, if that bleeding is dangerous or not, what causes it, and what you can do to prevent bleeding in future anal sessions.

A Few Basic Details Of Anal Sex

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to know a few things before you engage in anal sex in general. Once we cover that, we’ll dig into discussing butt plugs and bleeding.

First, you don’t need to do anal right from the get-go. That means you should talk to your partner first, get as clean as possible (enemas and pre-sex showers will help), get protection, use lube, and don’t rush penetration!

During sex, always make sure that the receiving partner is alright. Normally the anus can’t get hurt by normal penetration, but rough action can damage the inner walls.

Also, if the receiving partner has a condition such as hemorrhoids or an anal fissure, either do it with extreme caution or don’t do it at all

Lastly, you’ll need to get used to a few things during anal. For example, you’ll probably see some poop, even after a decent enema. In addition, the sphincter will resist, so penetration can take some time.

People usually avoid doing anal because of potential risks. For instance, STDs are easier to transmit through anal sex, so always use a condom.

However, there is no real danger of other issues that people normally bring up, such as the anus stretching and loosening your bowels (unless you’re doing extreme anal play, which most people won’t be).

Can A Butt Plug Cause Bleeds?

The short answer is yes, butt plugs can cause bleeding. But then again, anything can cause bleeding during anal sex — from dildos to penises and even fingers.

In fact, you can even experience anal bleeds from a particularly difficult bowel movement!

Are All Anal Bleeds Bad?

Absolutely not. As stated earlier, the anus will sometimes bleed from simple pooping.

The reason behind this is that the inside of the anus is a lot more sensitive than the outside. In fact, if you compare the inner vaginal walls to the inner anal walls, the vaginal walls are by far stronger and more durable.

But the burning question is how you can know when the bleed is bad and when it’s not.

The answer lies in the type of bleed and other side-effects after using the butt plug.

For example, if you use the plug for a while and during one session you see a drop or two of blood on it, you probably won’t have to worry. Your anus has experienced a minor anal tear, and it will heal in time.

What’s more, you face anal tears more often than you realize. Some are just too small to drip any significant amount of blood. Think of them as tiny paper cuts.

The best thing to do if you see a bit of blood on your plug is to stop using it and rest. If there is no blood during bowel emptying for a few days, your anal tear has healed, and you can use the plug again.

What If It Bleeds More?

There are two types of situations where bleeding is a sign of trouble.

The first is if your anus bleeds continuously, dripping without you noticing. Obviously, you’re losing a lot of blood there, and you can’t just sit around and do nothing.

However, a more severe situation is when the bleeding is followed by pain. Never ignore pain!

If you feel it after an anal session, something went wrong in there. Waiting for it to get better won’t help you either.

So What Do I Do If I Have A Severe Bleed?

If it’s a continuous bleed, see a doctor as soon as possible. It’s usually best to do it within 24 hours of you noticing the blood.

While you’re on prescribed medication, don’t perform anal sex until you’ve fully healed. In fact, it might be better to avoid it even a few weeks after that.

However, if you feel severe pain, do not wait a single second. Call the emergency room if you have to.

Usually, severe injuries from butt plugs or anal sex are rare, but they can still happen. For example, a wrong insertion can rupture your colon. If that happens, you might need surgery.

Of course, in case you do get surgery, avoiding anal for at least a year would be the best idea.

And in case you’re the one doing it to your partner and they complain about pain or discomfort, stop immediately.

However, once you see the blood, don’t panic. Simply call the doctor and make sure nothing else happens to your partner before they arrive at the hospital.

How To Avoid Butt Plug Anal Bleeding

Just like with anal sex, there are steps you need to take to avoid hurting yourself or others with a butt plug. Most of these steps will also apply to any sex toy you might be using to pleasure your anus.

  • If You Masturbate, Do It Slowly: This piece of advice is usually for the newcomers, but even experienced butt plug users should pay attention to it. Whenever you masturbate with your butt plug, don’t rush the penetration.

    Let it get inside of you slowly, bit by bit. If it won’t get in, don’t try to force it in. Patience will reward you, and you won’t end up with a bloody butt plug.

  • Always Use Lube: Anuses don’t lube themselves up like vaginas or penises. They are normally very dry, so it’s important to use proper lubrication. Sometimes saliva is enough, but not always. You can get proper sex lube from many online retailers at a decent price.

    And once you decide to play with yourself, apply the lube both to the butt plug and the sphincter. You can never be too safe. In addition, if you feel like your toy is getting dry, pause and pull it out. After you do, clean it up, lube it up again, and continue.

  • If You’re With A Partner, Talk Over Every Step: Either one of you might want to have a butt plug inside. However, when you’re alone, you know your body’s limits. Your partner does not. If they want to use a plug on you, make sure to guide them.

    Always tell them if you feel discomfort, and make sure they approach you safely, i.e., with lube, and maybe even a condom for the plug. The same goes if you’re the one satisfying them. When you’re pleasuring their anus, ask them periodically if it hurts or if you should stop. Sometimes, slowing down will be the only thing you need to do.

  • Never Do It Dirty: Excluding some more extreme fetishes, the best way to do anal is to do it cleanly. Make sure the butt plug is sanitized and that your anus, or your partner’s anus, isn’t dirty.

    Muck within the anus can cause friction, which can scratch or cut the inner walls. The same goes for a dusty, dirty plug. There’s no reason for you or your partner to go to the hospital just because you forgot to wash your sex toys before use.


To sum up, bleeding isn’t always a sign of trouble when you’re using butt plugs. However, once it gets painful, you need to pay close attention.

In the end, it all comes down to practicing safe anal play, whether you’re by yourself or with your partner!